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  1. I have it already bought, downloaded and printed!.. Can't wait to do it!! It's next on the To DO list. Drew--you are a man after my own heart -- keep the great purses coming!!!
  2. I read this article too, and thought "WOW!! this is fantastic! I can do this!!!!" I think she did a great job explaining it, didn't you??
  3. All I can say is some people have more money than they have sense.
  4. pbnj has beat me to it, the one to ask is Drew. THE CROCHET DUDE:yarn
  5. I have never made Barbie clothes, but my gramma crocheted OODLEs of them for me when I was a child. I have a boy, or I'm sure I'd be making them too.
  6. Hi David!!! Welcome from Western Pennsylvania!!!
  7. Hello from western pennsylvania!!!
  8. The new TJ Maxx ad on tv has them showing all the spring summer fashions and the BIG WORD CROCHET comes up and a girl has a crocheted skirt on and is twirling....
  9. Wow TerriJo I am impressed that you FINISH stuff before you start something else!!! I wish I had that much discipline!!!! Cheryl
  10. oh gosh natalie... I graduated in '75 too!! Cheryl
  11. My 9 year old son gets a little annoyed that I take crocheting or knitting with me everywhere... but other kids seem real interested in what I am doing and ask to watch....even the boys! My husband is ALOT annoyed by all the yarn. Cheryl
  12. I sent a package to South America and it took 3 months to get there... so don't panic yet!!!! Cheryl
  13. I didn't realize this was required for people who do this as a craft...
  14. This made me laugh!!! It couldn't be CUTER!!!
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