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    I love to do all and any crafts. I am a active member of the SPQ's. I love to Bowl and do so alot !!
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    Bowling , crafts,crochet,being a Queen
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    Bus Driver and Cheerleading Coach
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    hmmm 1999
  1. Thanks guys. Thats what I thought but I didnt want to do it and rip it out !!!!!! LOL
  2. Ok on the size thing it says....... Sizes (2,4,6) (8,10,12) Materials croc hook N Bernat softee babay, 4 oz skien, his jeans ombre ??? guage 8 rows of sc = 3 inches, 10 sts of sc = 3 inches Notes.... Please pay close attention to the NOTE'S throughout the pattern, as notes will giv e special instreuctions for all patterns.... Then it goes into Body row 1 - 20 I have done that part I am nopw trying to start right front .. I am using caron simply soft yarn
  3. I have never madec lothing before. I am sitting here making a shrug. and I am on row 21. It says ch 1, sc in next (10,10,10) (11,11,12) STS, TURN. I ammakign the biggest size... But I am just not getting it... so if anyone wants to help me I would love it !!!!
  4. We all went last night as a family to see it. I had a major migraine so I didnt notice much. Thru up onthe way home....ick
  5. I am near Rolla !!!!!!!!! I grew up in Eureka !!!! CLose to Fenton, Fenton kids went to our school
  6. :cryI am trying so hard to find something.. Got some real cute pink thread today..... And I bought some simply soft pink yarn....... I want a shrug out of that... and I have pink eyelash to finish off onit. I jsut have to find a pattern
  7. Well I live in No where land... No Sams or Costco here... I will have to find somewhere else.... No Barnes and NOble either
  8. Taht is Beautiful !!!!!!!!! I love Betty so much
  9. I am gonna attempt a shrug..... Anyone have a good easy pattern for my first one !!!!!
  10. Hi there Welcome.. Everyone is so nice here:cheer
  11. Hi there and welcome... I just joined not to long ago... These people are so nice
  12. I was wondering about a hook that woul d be more comfortable for my Mom. This may not b the post... But she has arthritus really bad but loves to crochet. SO I was thinking for her a gift..... But I dont knwo nuttina bout it
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