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  1. jaishree

    Dusty pink doily

    It's beautiful...the pattern is unusual and you have done a wonderful job on it
  2. jaishree

    Small painted doily

    great looking doily and great looking kitten!!
  3. jaishree

    Another doily parade

    What lovely doilies!! but then you do marvelous work..my dd was admiring the doilies you sent to me for the swap for the 100th time yesterday
  4. jaishree

    Notions Swap -- & We're Done!

    sandhya i'll be off line most of the time till around 7 june (one reason why i have desisted from signing up for any new swaps) we have brother and family and his BIL and family joining us for two weeks from monday. We had a house full of visitors who left only on Tuesday..so I have been a "little" busy these days
  5. jaishree

    Notions Swap -- & We're Done!

    I mailed out Sandhya's puffy yesterday..it was sent speed post and the delivery should be tomorrow..i do hope they keep to the schedule promised..I am so sorry that I got delayed in my mailing
  6. jaishree

    Notions Swap -- & We're Done!

    I got a wonderful wonderful puffy from Sandhya...lovely sparkly yarn to make bags, crochet hooks, bamboo handles for bags, a very very pretty crochet bag, and some daisy shaped yarn winders(is this what it is called?) and a lovely delicate white doily. I will post pictures tomorrow as the batteries of my camera are dead and need to replaced
  7. jaishree

    Pineapple Table Topper

    Gorgeous work..love your version of it..needless to say grandma's is an heirloom beauty
  8. jaishree

    A couple completed doilies

    WOW!!! Pam both of them are beauties...I love the blue for the swirly whirly effects..and Carol's is a classic beauty
  9. jaishree

    Cascade doily tested for Katchkan

    Absolutely stunning!!! Kathy has designed another keeper, great design and great crochet
  10. jaishree

    Delightful Doilies*** FINISHED***

    Can you give me some indication as to how much yardage would be there in a ball of the #30?..or even what size doily can I safely attempt in one ball?..don't want to start a doily in that lovely thread and find that I have too little
  11. jaishree

    Delightful Doilies*** FINISHED***

    Karen..your package came in yesterday..I am so THRILLED with the doilies you have sent..just LOVE them. I'll post the pictures in a couple of days. The package was just wonderful...Karen sent me two BEAUTIFUL doilies ..both are made with a strand of sewing thread accenting parts of the pattern....and I am pleased beyond measure to get such lovely doilies. She also sent me three crochet mags..and I have already identified more than half a dozen doilies to add to my "to do" list. And two balls of exquisitely colored Altin Basak thread, in size #30 ( I have been dying to get a chance to use this thread), a ball of Aida thread (#20), a felted hook holder with a I size yarn hook. I am so thrilled with everything..thanks for being my partner and putting together such a wonderful package. Every thing is just wonderful
  12. jaishree

    Delightful Doilies*** FINISHED***

    I am so happy you liked what I picked out for you!..great to know that for once Indian Post delivered as they had promised. I loved putting the extras together for you...can't wait to see what you work up with the threads and your rating of their quality! Waiting for the postman to deliver yours now
  13. jaishree

    Notions Swap -- & We're Done!

    This sounds like it will be loads of fun..I just sent in my survey..can't wait!
  14. jaishree

    My own new design.

    Yasmin, Great work!!! beautiful as all your work
  15. jaishree

    2 PK coasters from Doily Swap

    How pretty!..I love your purple coaster