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    I am a full time mother, artist and crafter and I want to share my craft with the world!
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    Columbia, SC
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    Drawing and crocheting
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    Crochet hats and pillows
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    1989, 2009
  1. I couldn't tell you what book this stitch pattern came from but this Tunisian variation caught my eye enough for me to jot it down in my journal but apparently not enough to buy the book or write its name down. It was in my hurried shorthand but I'm fairly certain I have it similar to what I saw. I love Tunisian crochet...I learned this prior to learning how to knit or knook (still working on that) with my only issue being the amount of yarn this technique takes up. I couldn't visualize this pattern so I made it...it started with considerably more chains in my notes to be a scarf. I shortened it to be a headband. I will be experimenting with more variations of this with different yarns and chains. Find the pattern HERE. Enjoy!
  2. Hi! I hadn't even thought about that! I did several variations of it and what seems to work for this pattern is a multiple of five plus three. I hope this helps!
  3. This is a relatively simple pattern I constructed for an unidentified yarn I found some time ago. It has many variations. Here is mine for a pretty shells pattern with variagated yarn. You can find the pattern on my BLOG.
  4. And I don't mean the song by Amanda Palmer lol Here is my pattern for a Crochet Ampersand Letter Pillow http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/6001205
  5. This is my new pattern for the Braided Beanie Brim Cap: The pattern comes in a full color pdf. Thanks for looking!
  6. Changed up the pattern a little. I am working on revisions to the original pattern now.
  7. swhiteart

    Crochet Fish and DOll

    Beautiful doll...I especially love the fish though :-)
  8. swhiteart

    Chihuahua pups

    @angelsmith: Can't wait to see it! Carolina Blue and White Pup made for my hubby. Although the details aren't clear I changed the legs and haunches slightly on this one for more stability. He didn't want wire in the ears but if you use a double up method (which I did to get the spots) the ears stay in place anyway rather than flop.
  9. He is cute! I've made them too and donated a few to my alma mater. Guess what our mascot is?
  10. swhiteart

    knooking hook

    Leisure Arts is selling the knook hooks in Walmart. That's where I picked mine up last month.
  11. swhiteart

    Chihuahua pups

    Thanks everyone! Mr. Dalmatian has sold to a coworker who got it for a friend who has one. Another coworker wanted one for her firefighter husband . My boss came up with the wire idea so I can't take all of the credit lol. Emily on Ravelry has done an outstanding job coming up with this pattern.
  12. swhiteart

    "Rubber" duck

    Adorable! I'm going to make one!
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