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  1. Thanks for all of the information Nancy I really appreciate it. Unfortunately for me I trusted the row count and there lies my problem. Maybe this lady did not know that the graph was worked from the top down when she did the count. Now I am ripping out the whole thing and I am going to do the count myself from the bottom up. I have spent hours and hours on this and this is the second graph I have tried so I have learned my lesson and will do the row count myself as I go along. Is that how you do it row by row or do you do the count and then start? I am new at this and learning as I go because no one seems to want to share their knowledge with me. Thanks again for helping me I really appreciate it. Brenna
  2. Hi I am trying to do a graph of Elvis and am doing it in single crochet. The graph says to do it from the top down. The graph has a row count that a lady was gracious enough to do for me. Here is my problem I was told to do the row count from right to left on odd rows and left to right on even rows. Well this is the second graph I have tried to do and it just does not look like the graph at all. Either the row count is wrong or I was told to do the row count the wrong way. This graph is done in Moez which is doing it from right to left and with a large Moez hook which you put the stitches on the hook in row one and take them off on row two. I prefer doing it in single crochet because it looks so simple to do that way. Is there anyone who has done graphs with single crochet that can help me out with this. I have just spent hours and hours trying to do two different graphs and I just cannot afford to spend anymore time on this if it is being done wrong. Any help with this would really be appreciated. I cannot find anyone who can tell me anything about single crochet graphs so sure would love to hear from someone who has done this before. Thanks Brenna
  3. Hi I have been looking all over the net for how to do a single crochet graph. I want to know about how to carry the yarn, or do I leave it??? What if I leave it and it is too far away to use it do I have to tie another skein on?? The graph I want to do is a white background with black tower so I know I cannot carry the yarn without is showing through. Is there a video out there somewhere showing how to do this technique?? If there is I must have missed it. Anyone who makes a single crochet graph video showing how they change colors, what to do if you are two or three blocks away from the next color that you have hanging down what you do to solve the problem without making a mess. Do you pull the colors to the front of your work?? I have so many questions and several people said they were going to make a video of all they do when they do a single crochet graph but they have never followed through. I know some of you think I am talking about tunisian crochet but I am not it is just plain and simple single crochet. I know how to change colors but how do you know when to carry your yarn and when not to?? Is there a book somewhere telling you how to do the technique??? If there is I have never found it. Believe me I am not the only one interested in how to do this we need a video of a person doing the single crochet graph there are plenty of the tunisian ones out there. If anyone can point me towards a video, book or some explanation of this technique I would be extremely grateful. Brenna
  4. Hi I am desperately trying to find the name of this stitch. Both of these links are in a foreign language. I need the name of the stitch if I want to be able to find a pattern for it. Some people say it is a spike stitch, long single crochet but it is neither of these. i am surprised that such a lovely stitch has not had a pattern made of it. I have learned in my seach, that the Portuguese do not write down patterns they just make them. Any help anyone can give me would be deeply appreciated. I have scoured the net looking for a name for this stitch but so far no luck. Brenna brendaj1951@nehp.net http://clubmasteric.ru/shemi-vasanie-kruchkom/uzori-kruchkom/246-uzor-iz-pishnih-stolbikov.html
  5. Hi I would love to know if any of you have this software and have used it. It is supposed to be easy to use but I am lost. I just want to make a name doily for a friend but just don't know how to do it on this. Any help will be greatly appreciated:clap Thanks Brenna
  6. Thanks so much to everyone who tried to help me out with this. The only thing I can find online is one done in sc. I cannot believe that no one has any instructions on how to do this. I appreciate all of the info and the help guess I will just have to keep looking. Brenna
  7. Hi I am looking for a place that can teach me how to crochet names on hats. If anyone knows a site, video etc. that teaches or even a book that I can buy I would sure appreciate knowing. Thanks in advance for the help. Brenna
  8. Hi everyone I am looking for a free pattern that was one the net awhile back. It is a small apple in a square and was from a magazine but it is not the one from Crochet World. It is a mile a minute and I just cannot seem to find it anywhere. Can someone help me out with this? Thanks so very much for your time and effort I really appreciate it. Brenna
  9. Hi Everyone I am looking for this pattern to make for mothers day. Hope someone can help me out with it. Thanks in advance. http://ny-image1.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.239298893.jpg
  10. Hi Everyone I am looking for this pattern it is called "Queen of Hearts Doily" Sure would appreciate any help on where to find or purchase this doily. Thanks brenna http://ny-image1.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.239298893.jpg
  11. I am looking for an English Version of this pattern. When translated from Portuguese it makes no sense. Hope someone can help me find directions I can understand. She has videos but they are hard to follow. Here is a pic of the pattern. http://clubdasjoaninhas.blogspot.com/2007/01/flor-da-mary.html Any help will be deeply appreciated. Brenna
  12. Hi Everyone I am looking for this pattern. This was posted on the Red Heart site on Facebook. I called Red Heart and it is not one of their patterns. Have you seen this pattern anywhere? If you have could you tell me where I might buy the pattern? This is just such a georgeous baby blanket and I just have to have the pattern. By the way about four or five hundred more people would appreciate your sharing where to get it too. So if you have seen this pattern somewhere please please let me know. Thanks in Advance brenna
  13. Hi everyone just wanted to know if any of you ladies might have ever used a doily pattern to make a blanket for a baby? I know that the doily has to have at least 30 rows but would like your opinion on where I might find some with 30 rows. Thanks Brenna
  14. Thank you both Wrennie and Empress Busy Bee for the help those were two patterns I had not seen. I found the one I was looking for it was one of Smooth Foxes centers for her granny square. I really appreciate all your help. Brenna
  15. I am looking for a crochet heart that begins with a granny center. Hope I am making myself understood. I have two granny hearts that I made but now cannot find the pattern. I need them for my daughters bridal shower. Thanks so much for your help. Brenna
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