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    El Paso, texas
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    Crochet, Embroidery
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    PBX Operator
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    1982 off and on
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    afghans, doilies
  1. suncountry

    My amigurumi

    Such talent!! All your creations are cute!!
  2. Hi! I haven't been here in ages!! I like the new look and how it works so well on my iPod'. Looking forward to getting to know everyone again!
  3. I've been looking at the fashion dolls and frugal me, have got it into my head that I can crochet my own "barbie, or 12 - 15 inch fashion model (LIV, BRATZ, BIJOU) type doll. Have I gone completely bonkers or is there such a thing? Does anyone have a clue where I should start? Thanks!! Izzy
  4. suncountry

    Teal and black

    The little hits of black make the gorgeous teal pop!! Isn't neat when you find random things and can use them?? Nice work.
  5. suncountry

    The twins

    I like the fluffiness of the blue bunting and hat. I like the floppiness of the pink tam. They look like they're good kids, no trouble at all. tee. hee!!
  6. suncountry

    Dressed in Pink

    I love that shade of pink!! Good recycling idea on the cone!
  7. suncountry

    Dowling Darlings & Doggys

    i LOVE the puppies!!
  8. suncountry

    Bright Turtle Graphghan

    I admire you for your skill!! Soooo very cute!!!
  9. suncountry

    Daisy Four Patch

    Love the sunny colors. I agree, the person's name you pick out will be lucky. Have fun at your family reunion!!
  10. suncountry

    saved from savers!

    this poor little thing was just waiting for someone to save her!! I finally found patterns from a school daze booklet to modify for her. It's a fifties style cheerleader outfit. The headband was made just for her. Hope you like!
  11. suncountry

    Patterns for an 8" doll

    I think you're talking about the fibrecraft cindy doll. There is a website called by hook by hand that has a mini free spirit clothing patterns. If not, amazon should have some of the old booklets available.
  12. suncountry

    Patterns for an 8" doll

    What type of doll?
  13. suncountry

    Containers as presents

    thank you for all the nice comments!!
  14. suncountry

    Containers as presents

    I've been on a recycling kick lately. Instead of round containers going inot the recycle bin, they have been making their way into my craft room. I just crochet around them. I usually just put candy in them and give them away. Gotta love the husband. He eats oatmeal every day, and I have a collection of oatmeal containers ready to go!! I also love that I've been using up yarn I have on hand, rather than going and buying.