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  1. Hi! everyone ~ I just finished the Angel bookmark this morning. As slow as I am at my crocheting, I was so pleased at how fast it worked up for me. It's really pretty, and I've got plans to send it to my dearest aunt ~ she'll love it! Thanks so much for sharing your talents ~
  2. Okay ~ I think I messed up and hit the wrong button . . . so I don't know if my last post got sent, or just lost ~ Duh! Anyway . . . TailKinker ~ I was just saying how awesome I thought your afghan/blanket is going to be. I hope you plan to post a picture of it. I've done some small stuff, crocheting with embroidery floss, like applique's, but nothing as big as what you're doing! I'm sure it'll be beautiful, tho.
  3. Hey! how do we find out what/when each CAL is?? I'm still trying to find my way around here ~ I'd like to join one, but can't seem to find it. Thanks ~ Carole
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