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  1. BEAUTIFUL! You did a great job on it, too. I love the Harold the Hedgehog, too . . . so cute!
  2. I'm still in a daze about dght's visit, but I just keep thanking the Lord for (hopefully) working this out. I was so optimistic when she had asked if her and her family could come down for a visit sometime . . . "Of course you can!" I'm just glad she gave both of us a 2nd chance to reconnect and sort out all the misunderstandings and such. It's been such a blessing, for sure.
  3. This weather has surely been awful with all the highs and lows! We had beautiful weather in the 70's, and even a day just over 80* earlier this week. But then night before we got hit with a thunder storm and marble-sized hail . . . covered the ground completely! By that evening it bounced back up to about 70* ~ Today looks like, and feels like, it could SNOW! It's so icky looking outside, just a good day to sit and crochet, and sip on my coffee. (not that I have any "pressing" things to do, right? I just have to fit those in.) If it's okay? I'd like to share a bit of news, too.
  4. That we'll do, MaryJo. Sure hope things get better for Owlvamp/Sandra! Maybe her furbaby has this cold virus that's hitting us humans?? My kitty, Trixie, caught a bit of it last week from our being sick I guess, too. She's doing better now. I don't think viruses care whether your animal or human, they just latch on to whoever is weakest at the time. Will hold her up in prayer, too. for Sandra dear!
  5. LoL ~ "rain" or "snow"??? Looks like it could snow here. It's hangin' in around 40* right now, and a low of 29* tonight ~ brrr. I think the Lion and the Lamb are a bit confused, ya think? LoL
  6. Wow! With the high winds we're having, hubby just told me that we have an electric pole down across the highway from us! Just snapped it right off at the base! The boys are gonna be busy today it seems! Now to get the dog gone cars and trucks to slow down while they're working on it! :/
  7. I love the race car graph-ghan (c2c)! The grandsons would love this! Thanks for sharing all the info and pattern sites ~
  8. Wow! Katy! You were really going thru it! I am SO glad everything is going well now, tho, and you are trying to get better. Have to like those surprises, heh? (diabetes, fluid retention, etc.) I'm just glad they found out in time to get you on the road to recovery! Prayers for you, girl! And glad to see you're back with us here!
  9. Thanks, Brenda. We're feeling much better now since our colds are going away, finally! I like doing the birthday months, too, to focus on individuals each month. Good idea! I hadn't thought about doing the c2c in thread . . . great idea! I love working in thread, cotton and yarns any size/weight. I may have to get the Zoodiac Animal graph pattern to make for my two grandsons. I haven't checked out the race car one, so #1 grandson might especially like that one ~ We're about to blow away around here, too! Yesterday and today! Can't beat the temps, tho . . . in the upper 60's! Ya
  10. Wow! MaryJo, you are really kicking out those c2c squares, girl! I love the racoon! And you little Hedge Hog is adorable, too (gotta get me one of those!). He looks like a chia plant ~ LoL
  11. Linda, can you "pm" me your addy for Rene' / PiscesCrocheter72 so I can get her some squares sent? Thanks. I'm on a roll now ~ LoL
  12. You are doing so good, MaryJo! I can hardly wait to give this a try!
  13. Got a couple of Granny Square packages mailed early last week, and gettin' ready to send another one tomorrow! I know . . . I haven't been real good about getting them mailed out "before or on the birthdays", but I'm also trying to catch up on those I've missed earlier. Last year was just blown away, so kinda had to start over for this year ~ I'm hoping to do better, tho. I appreciate your patience with this ol' lady ~
  14. Thank you SO much, Brenda! I had a ball reading thru these sites and I'm anxious to give it a try! What fun!
  15. Be looking in your mail, Snowbear ~ You got some squares headin' your way this week, okie dokie?
  16. Hello! to you, too Cshort ~ Hope your week has been going good, too. It's been beautiful here, just a little chilly. But Spring is trying to push forward ~ I have daffodils popping up all over! And the trees are budding out, too!
  17. What is the "C2C" stitch exactly?? I've seen it posted about, but have never seen a "how to" on it yet. That afghan is going to be so wonderful! I've gotten me a shiney little green "welcome" froggie, so my March greenies have begun, too ~ LoL Hope ya'll are having a great day. It's beautiful here, even tho it is on the chilly side.
  18. Thanks for the link, MaryJo. I love the basket weave stitch, too, that's used in the squares (if that's what it is??). I'll have to go check out Annie's Attic ~ I loved their little pattern magazine I use to get, too. Such cute ideas for patterns. Glad you're doing better, just use the time for crocheting, right? Yep, that's a real good reason not to have to cook ~ LoL Time for you to get pampered ~ You have a great evening, too.
  19. Eeeeww! All this talk of bugs just gives me the jim-woolies ~ LoL I hate roaches! My son told us of the "flying roaches" when they were living in Georgia. He couldn't believe how big those critters were! I remember my first experience with scorpions when we moved to Oklahoma. Hubby got stung on his big toe while showering . . . fastest movin' man I'd ever seen ~ LoL Of all places to have an attic door, right? Right over the shower! We had to keep powdering the doorways and around the outside of the house with Roach-proof! That kept them at bay anyway. You gals are right, too .
  20. I love the woodland animals afghan, MaryJo! It's going to be beautiful when you get it finished. Was it a freebie pattern? I'm sorry to hear you fell. Especially when the toes get banged! I managed to smack my 2nd toe after rounding the bed too close a couple of wks ago. Yep, I know all about clumsy, too ~ LoL As for me, gettin' older sure affects the balance most times. Hope you heal up soon. Carole
  21. Thank you, and you're welcome, Daphne ~ :>) I'm so glad you liked them. I love the "4 Hearts Granny Square".
  22. So sad to hear this, Arlene, but we've been praying for sister and family. May God's peace be with each of you.
  23. Good evening to you, Linda ~ and everyone. We have daffodils poppin' up, too, so am looking forward to seeing our happy little flowers bloom real soon. We're looking to have 60's and 70's temps all this week ~ yay! Still wouldn't be surprised, tho, if we get another freeze in the next few weeks. But we can hope NOT, right? Yep, I do like my reading, too. Just finished 2 books this past week, and am now reading "The Parting" by Beverly Lewis (she writes Amish stories). I just finished reading "A Sensible Arrangement" by Tracie Peterson, which was really good. She's a new author
  24. Oh! the Love Ghan is beautiful everyone! I'm sure Katy will love it. (I'm so sorry I missed out on participating.) Sandra, you did a remarkable job on joining all the squares and it turned out beautiful! You all are such a great group!
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