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  1. Okay ~ we got another "puffy" mailing made this morning ~ yay! KatyAllen8090 ~ be looking in your mailbox next week! Owlvamp ~ be checking your mailbox soon, too!
  2. Thanks for the info on your hook needs, Sandra ~ Dog-gone, girl! When it rains, it pours! (sorry for the pun, couldn't resist ~ ) But we've gone thru the same thing here at our other house next door. The slope roof over the kitchen has been leaking because of the wind last year turning the edges of the shingles up, so now rain blows underneath of them. I feel for ya, Sandra! And insurance?? yeah, right! Called them, and their quote/suggestion was ~ we'll give you money for the shingles, but you'll have to pay for the labor?? You gotta be kidding!! Needless to say, we didn't fil
  3. Hey! Where can I see a pic of the totes you are making? They sound wonderful!
  4. I am so sorry to hear about the thieving that took place, Sandra! That's terrible! And after everything you've been going thru already, it's a shame. Regarding the hooks ~ do you like any of the wooden ones, too, or any aluminum ones? And what size are you needing in particular to get you by for now? A whole week, waiting on a hook is a real bummer, too. Hoping things will get better real soon for your doggie, Hercules, and for you and hubby, too.
  5. Good bright-n-early morning to you, too, ImmaFreek ~ How you doing? I was up at 7:30am, but talked myself outa staying up ~ LoL the bed was too nice and warm this morning! In the 40's!! brrrr! Reminder ~ I need your addy so I can send some Happy Squares to you, okay? I know, I know, it's done past your birthday, so can I call 'em "Happy Love Squares" then?
  6. Well, I had hubby run a mission for me this morning . . . mailed 2 more puffys. Now I can't make up my mind if I want to get some WORK done, or crochet . . . like, that's a real dilemma?
  7. How adorable is that! I love the Belly Dancer Bunny! She even has her "ching-ching" belt on ~ LoL The Roller Bunny is so cute, too, in her robe and slippers. You did a beautiful job, Mary Jo, and so fast, too! Hope you're having a good day so far. We're getting some sprinkley rain here and a bit chilly. But still better than the winter temps 40* and lower!
  8. I sure hope your knee gets to feeling better, too, MaryJo. Don't ya hate being a weather barometer? We had a storm move into our area last night so both of us woke up achin' and painin'. Ain't gettin' nothing done around here at all! I am getting ready to send a puffy out, so hubby will make the post office run for me . . . good man ~ Just waiting on addresses from those I've contacted, then I'll have a couple more in the mail. Hope everyone is doing good. Sorry to hear you're under the weather and hope it isn't serious either, Snowbear, but I hope your "giftie" brings a smile to y
  9. Yeah, I guess we do get about the same kinds of birds, heh, Brenda? I haven't seen any hummers yet, but I still need to get my feeders put out, too. So far, we've had Robins, Cardinals, Bluejays, Bluebirds and all the woodies. Our temps are holding now in the 50's and upward now ~ yay! So maybe Spring is here to stay! Even got a couple of kitties that are gonna be mommas in a couple of months, too ~ I really need to contact the animal shelter to see if they still do the spaying and neuturing! So are you moving from the county then, Brenda?? Wow! I'll bet you're gonna miss it big t
  10. Oh! girl, you're forgiven ~ LoL I'm just glad you finally are getting thru this bad time with your foot and getting better! Do you have my correct address? If not I will resend to you, okay? Just let me know. Do take your time in getting your behind stuff pulled together, and take it easy! You've got a lot to sort thru in your mind, heh? I just finished a mess o' squares myself and am getting them ready to mail . . . just need YOUR mailing address, too, while waiting on a couple of others to send me theirs ~
  11. Your bunnies are so cute, and fun-looking! I love your collection of crocheted figurines and dolls, too. (Working in thread is my weakness!) Anxious to see the Belly Dancer bunny, too ~ LoL Oughta be SO cute!
  12. Thank you, Brenda, regarding hubby and me. I agree ~ just wish it would go away for a looong time ~ LoL We just keep praying and poppin' those pain pills ~ Hey! Regarding the dog holes? Have you tried using a sprinkle of cayenne pepper on the perimeter or the fresh dirt in the hole? I read somewhere that it usually does the trick in detering pesky pests ~ Hope you find a "cure". I know it must be frustrating and a lot of needless added work, too.
  13. I got hooked on bird watching some years ago while living in Oklahoma. That was when I fell in love with this little bird, a Rainbow Bunting! He was beautiful! I don't get many birds here to speak of, just a few Cardinals, Robins, Bluejays, Gold Finches and the occasional Baltimore Oreole if we're lucky. Plus I get a number of woodpeckers, too ~ "Woody" the redheaded woodpecker, Flickers and Downey woodpeckers. Then I think everyone gets those pesky Starlings!! Different sparrows are plentiful here, too. Our neighbor has a Martin house in their yard, so we benefit from their mosquito hu
  14. Nope, I don't think I got squares from you, Katy. But I'll be so pleased to receive from you when you feel up to crocheting some ~ Thank you.
  15. After a week-long struggle with "arthir", geesh! I got back to my crocheting again, finally! Hubby was having bouts with his lower back, and then leg spasms, too. Thankfully we both are doing much better. Now, I need to get Immafreak and Katyallen8090 's addresses so I can get their squares in the mail ~ Please send? HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to Immafreak and Katyallen8090 ~ Hope your day was extra specially blessed!
  16. Oh! that's quite alright, Linda ~ As long as Rene' know where were each coming from ~ LoL Sorry you're getting your round with that flu bug ~ Just take it easy and get your fluids down, and rest. We just had a terrific thunder storm roll thru here a bit ago! High winds and a whole lotta rain! Looks like a day spent inside, and crocheting will be a good respect for me ~
  17. What an absolute DOLL Jaden is! (Mom's a pretty girl, too ~ ) I can't believe she's a year old now? Wow! Where does the time fly to?! Thanks for sharing.
  18. Seeing these seagulls really brings back memories for me, that's for sure! When I was in Southern California, in high school, we would get hordes of gulls at our outdoor eating area . . . yeah, I remember the girls and guys dodging them, to keep from getting pooped on! LoL I usually stayed out of the open area, as most others did, too. Weird thing was, tho, we were about 20 minutes from the beach and they managed to flock inland. Glad to see you back here ~
  19. So glad you got the granny squares and like them, Rene'. (I'm sorry I misspelled your profile name, too. My fingers kinda did their own version ~ ) Hope your birthday was great, too.
  20. I'll try to get some more sent to you, too, okay? I've got a couple of girls left to do for this month, too, so you'll be in the "bunch" ~
  21. That's voondebah (wonderful) ~ See? we knew you would be on the road to recovery, girl! SO glad you are doing better, and hope the worse is behind you now. Your squares are beeeautiful! Happy St Patty's Day to you, and everyone here ~
  22. Mary Jo, your little dolls are so cute! I can hardly wait for one of these days I hope to knit. Haven't had a chance to get back to it as yet. We've had a cold snap this past few days, even got a dusting of snow Wednesday ~ yay! Last week Thursday we got hit with a hail storm, too, with marble-sized hail! It's suppose to start warming up, again, into the 60's and higher for this next week or so, but we will see. This evening the wind was blowing rather strangely, so we're always on the lookout for tornadoes around here.
  23. We've been doing good here! Staying busy making Granny Squares ~ Can't believe this weather, either! After such Spring-like warm and sunny days, we ended up getting hit with a hail storm last week Thursday ~ marble-sized and covering the ground! Stayed cold for the next 3-4 days, but warm weather is back in the forecast, in the 60's and up! I guess everyone has gotten their clocks set forward now, too? LOVE the longer days, just want WARMER days continually ~ Gonna be working some more on birthday granny squares for the rest of this month, and then back to my Log Cabin crocheted a
  24. I'll be sending out Granny Squares tomorrow for GrannieAnnie and PiecesCrocheter72 ~ Hope you girls have a most wonderful day on your birthday!
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