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  1. owlvamp ~ Shes an ex- daughter in law and what she has done with her life for the past 15 years is unreal. She honestly doesn't want to be bothered but, then she also doesn't want them happy either and she is just plain freaking jealous of me and the relationship I have with them ... I can't explain it any other way or honestly as mother can't wrap my head around it. Believe me if I could change things 15 years ago I would. I love my grandsons to the universe and back but they don't deserve this at all. No ONE does. I am sorry that it was your daughter that did this to you. Thank you for shari
  2. Hey! Tribble ~ Have you tried Tums?? I wonder if those would help with the acid reflux, too?? That must be so terrible! I know I don't like it when I get those "seconds surprises", burns the daylights out of your throat, for sure! I can't imagine a dog or puppy going thru that. Hope the med, and maybe trying the Tums, helps those puppy dogs ~ Tribble and Owlvamp!
  3. Now that's not fair, you not showing us a pic of the "Man-eating Plant" ~ LoL You've got my curiosity raised now! Hope you have a marvelous day with all "the kids"! Sounds like a fun day, for sure ~
  4. When I had Sadie, our Boxer, the vet said that they have "gas problems". But I'm sure it would help curb it with the food you feed, too. We didn't feed her table scraps either. I do know that food we feed our pets does affect them at times, too. Our kitties can't eat Kit-n-Kaboodle(?) because it makes them throw it up. Special Kitty we get at Walmart does okay with them. And I bought some Pet Pride from our grocery store, and they LOVE this ~ LoL ~ it's the cheapy brand, too! (Well, I say that, but it's the same price as Walmart for the same size bag.) So that's their "treat" for a cha
  5. How cute the socks are! I love the red-white-n-blue ones especially. You make these for children, with little goodies inserted into them? What a great idea for them, too. I remember Sherry Lewis and her Lambchop, too ~ I've got a Lambchop stuffy, too, that I'd bought some years ago. He is so cute! I love my stuffed animals, so my bed usually is loaded with them ~ LoL
  6. Oh, poor Hercules ~ What does he have wrong with him?? Is he the Great Dane(?) in your pic, or the smaller dog? I know Boxers and Bulldogs have gastro problems (they fart a lot ~ LoL). But seriously, any stomach or intestinal problems are no fun with our pets, that's for sure. Does he have a special diet, too? My heart goes out to you with the problems with dght. Mine was a rip-tear-snorter, too. Very rebellious and drove me nuts while she was a teen. Once she got something in her head, about whatever she "thought" you were saying or doing, there was no convincing her otherwise .
  7. How old is your Hercules, Owlvamp? Poor puppie ~ Sure do wish he'd get better for you. Sorry to hear about grandson, too, and hope things will turn around for him. Thoughts and prayers for you and all ~
  8. LoL ~ well, even at 10pm at night, I guess mopping the kitchen was a done deal the other night! Couldn't stand it no more, and I proved to myself if wasn't such a bad thing to let hubby sit at the table while I did it! LoL Guess I've been so used to having my cleaning times to myself, without anyone under foot, it's just hard to change ~ An ol' dog CAN learn new tricks, heh? LoL I just love your little Lamb Chops, Mary Jo, he's so cute!
  9. How adorable Lambchop is! So cute! (I love ALL your little crocheted critters!)
  10. Yep! Faith the size of a mustard seed . . . that's pretty small faith, heh? And Faith none the less. Your library friends remind me of how it is with us at our grocery store ~ LoL ~ we're like family! (most of us Minden-ites shop in Pittsburg, Ks) I love small town living!
  11. Our weather has been a bit unpredictable around here. We had tornado activity several miles around us, but nothing threatening us. One day it's stormy and dark, maybe some rain . . . then the next will drop in temps and put a chill in the air. Today is sunny and suppose to be getting warmer each day, again. Last night was down to 42* so had the heater back on again, too. I checked my cherry tomato seeds I planted a few days ago and now we've got sprouts coming up! Hubby always thinks I'm a strange one for planting seeds even as late as July ~ LoL ~ but hey! I have faith they'll come u
  12. You sound like me, staying up late to get other things done around the house ~ I couldn't get to bed early if my life depended on it! But then again, with hubby around during the day, it makes it hard to get floors mopped or any real cleaning done that I want to get done ~ LoL It's more like a lick-and-a-promise cleaning! Hope you had a restful night and will have a good day today. The weekend is just about here now ~ yay!
  13. I hope Jade is feeling better ~ Little ones suffer so when they're sick, and moms always hate to see them like this, too. We feel so helpless. That is strange dream, heh? Hope it doesn't happen!
  14. That is pretty awesome! My dad was in the Navy, too. Both his sister and brother were in the Marines. I had often thought of joining the Navy while I was in high school, but life took another turn ~ Things have been so shakey in our economy that my son decided to just stay in and retire. It's been good to him ~ he's been to Georgia, California, Japan, Virginia and now Florida.
  15. Hubby and I were just having that discussion earlier today ~ LoL ~ who has the most stuff to try and get rid of?? Of course, HE can't get rid of his stuff because he might use it to build something with ~ Yeah, and that's why we keep carting HIS stuff with us all over God's green earth, up and down this highway! I do have some clutter that I really do need to get rid of, tho ~ clothes I'll never be able to wear again, of course (like I'm gonna fit back into a size 7 again?? Ha! and not at this age, either!), and all the scrap material I've been saving for quilt-making (old sheets, cloth
  16. Wow! That's where we were visiting at last September, too! Wish we would have know about you living there, maybe we could have met somewhere for a visit. That would have been nice! My son has been in the Navy for 13 yrs now, and I guess it looks like he's gonna be a "lifer". He's glad he's not on the sub' anymore, too. He's in school again, and the tests are killers, but he seems to like the advancements ~ LoL I think we went on that bridge, too! It goes under the sea, if I remember right, doesn't it?? Pretty awesome! Since I was raised by my grandmother and dad, I was more adul
  17. How so cute, Lea ~ Me and my sweetie are opposite of you and yours. Hubby can jabber away for a straight 400 miles, non-stop! I NEED my crocheting to keep my mind busy, although I do listen, too. And it does NO good "trying" to listen to the radio or reading, either ~ I'm not an introvert, but I'm one that doesn't do a lot of talking at one time, either. LoL Yep! Crochet stuff HAS to be packed first and foremost ~
  18. That'll do it, KatyBug, on the wrist and hand pain. But somebody has to do the work, right? Maybe taking a couple of non-aspirin will help with the pain? That sounds like a fun day, going to the park with the kids! Hope you have a break in the rain, tho, so you can do it. We're still having storms moving around us, so the next several days is going to be WET, for sure. It'll be another day indoors, crocheting, playing games, and trying to get more stuff unpacked and gone thru for my house ~ I really felt good yesterday, just hanging up some pictures, which made the house more lived
  19. Glad to hear that Hercules is doing better! As for the aches-n-pains, I guess we can all credit that to this crazy weather, ya think? I guess this is the "Shoulder Pain" week ~ LoL Woke up with my shoulder aching, too! Yeah, Easter is just around the corner, already! What? In about 2 wks now? Thoughts and prayers for everyone ~
  20. Good morning afternoon, MaryJo and everyone ~ We're gettin' to that point of needing someone else to do the maintenance things around here, too. I hung up some pictures yesterday, finally, and now my shoulder is giving me fits! We're still having stormy weather around us for most of this week. I'm getting a lot of crocheting done, tho ~ (I've only got 3 more squares to finish up on that Log Cabin afghan, then I can start putting them together ~ yay!) Had a call from my son the other day. I guess 3 weeks ago he and his little wife MOVED from Newport News, VA, where he was station
  21. You are SO blessed to still have your original color of hair, girl! LoL A girlfriend of mine, who just went thru having a bout with cancer this past year? She was a dark blonde, naturally, but after the chemo treatments and her losing her hair . . . it grew back BLACK! The drs told her that it was caused by a chemical change in her system, changing her genetic code. Now her hair is the color of what her dad had! The blonde color was from her mom. She's had to add some lighter highlights to her hair, tho, because it was such a shock every time she looked in the mirror ~ LoL She does lo
  22. Hubby and I think we got our "bug" when we went to the hospital for his first stress test in January ~ There was lady walking around, blowin' and sneezin' all over . . . 2 wks later we got hit with it! We tried to keep ducking her, but alas . . . You sound like us, tho, MaryJo . . . we try not to get out any more than we have to during cold season. We both have to watch it with our immune systems being so weak as it is because of our health issues. But it also helps not to like shopping either ~ LoL
  23. Yeah, that'll do it, getting over-heated, Linda. I've never had bronchitis, but have known others who have, and it doesn't seem like a real pleasant thing to go thru. I'd rather be on the cool side than stuck in a stuffy room, even tho cold doesn't agree with Arthir ~ LoL I do hope you get to feeling better real soon.
  24. Sure hope you get to feeling better, Linda ~ Between allergies and this flu virus going around, it sure makes staying healthy a bit rough. Some of these "cures" just about make it worth skipping, too! I only lasted taking two of them antibiotic pills, causing the throwing up and sick feeling, so decided to just ride it out on letting the virus do its thing!
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