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  1. Hey! ya'll ~ we had a terrific storm last night! Tornado warnings were going off all over in these parts! Sure got scary with all the high winds, hail and heavy rain, that's for sure ~ I wasn't quite ready to go to sleep so thought I'd read for a bit? The book I started just happened to be about a small town being hit by a tornado! LoL It's just been rainy and thundery all day, but at least no warnings! whew! Hubby just told me that we're under a tornado warning again for this evening . . . oh well. Gonna be a bumpy night.
  2. I'm just so glad that several of you gals, Brenda, were able to keep in some kind of touch with our KatyAllen. Infections like that are nothing to play around with, that's for sure. Just glad she was able to get herself to the hospital in due time. It sure had us all wondering and worrying.
  3. I'm sure your family is so relieved, too, that you made it thru. Sometimes we forget just how differently things could have been, and how blessed we are, heh? Love you, crochet friend ~
  4. I'm lovin' this new format, for sure! Here' a picture, finally, of my granny squares that KatyAllen sent to me (sorry I'm so late posting). Thank you, again, so much!
  5. Yeah, you are, heh? It's SO good to see you feeling better and being able to be here again with us! We coulda lost ya, girl!!
  6. Thanks for the updates, Donna ~ We're gonna LOVE this!! So much fun!!
  7. Wow! we're back ~ yay! So glad Little Tribble had a great birthday . . . lil' Tribble! I've never had trouble with the butter cream icing recipe I use. But I'm sure it was probably because of it getting a bit warm while working with it perhaps. Try using smaller amounts and keeping the rest of it in the bowl while in the fridge. That sounds fun, making sushi candy (my dght-n-law would get a kick out of it, I'm sure! LoL)
  8. LoL ~ you are not alone, Brenda! My hubby is the same way when it comes to his meal times. I'm glad he's learned to do a lot of the cooking now, too (yes, I've had to share my kitchen with him ~ LoL). But he fixes a mean cajun chicken dinner, and General Tso's chicken, too. And he is so pleased with himself that I taught him how to make gravy for his breakfast ~ We've been enjoying cooking together, too. Just lovin' our remodeled kitchen, that's for sure ~ LoL
  9. Wow! girl! LoL We'll have to call you "whirl-wind Katy" now, since you're one ball o' fire, getting all this work done around your house! You think you might be interested in visiting each of us and help get our houses in order, too? It's so good to see you back to feeling better and being able to get so much done on your own now . . . awesome!
  10. I've only had one cat that would let me run the vacuum over her, and that was our Scooter ~ LoL ~ she would throw herself in the path of it when she saw me vacuuming. I think DaisyMay likes it, too, but I've only tried her with it once, I think. I'll have to try that again on her, tho. Now THAT was a sensational way to end your post, KatyAllen ~ LoL That's definitely a good question, too ~ who counted all those ants, let alone getting them to stand on a scale?? SO funny! Thanks for the "tickle"!
  11. Beautiful weather here this past 2 days! Got to the 80's and was so nice working outside for a change. We've been getting rain for a couple or three days, then sunshine for the next couple. This evening I sat on my front porch and got some crocheting done! Working on May birthday granny squares! Will have some on their way to Minwifeof4boys/Lea and to Pineknott/Linda by week's end. Then to start on granny squares for Owlvamp's Midnight Lights(??) granny-ghan for a friend (love the pattern!). I found a basic granny square pattern, too, for the squares, so hope they will match . . .
  12. I figure I can do the 8 Amethyst, and will try to get 15 Pumpkin done, too. All I need to do now is find a "regular" granny square pattern so mine will match ~
  13. Okay, Sandra ~ I'm making squares tonight so will get some ready to mail to you. What kind of black edging are you wanting? Single crochet, double, shell?? Just let me know ~ Edited: Dumb me . . . you need the black edging done in the granny square stitches, right? I'm slow, but I get it ~ LoL
  14. Good job, Mary Jo! I love the colors (green of course ~ ) and the "woodland glades" name, too. Someone's gonna be lucky for sure.
  15. Hey! all ~ It's been raining all day today. Started with thunder storms last night. We've also had to turn the heat back on to warm it up, too. So this has been a slow day, just taking a break from the computer. I spent most of today working on a cross stitch dresser scarf for ME. I've already given the two matching circle scarves as gifties (we know how that is, right?). I'll be working on granny squares, probably this weekend if not sooner, too. Have dr appt for me tomorrow, just a check up (supporting my local doctor ~ ). At least my RA doc makes me feel like he's looking after my
  16. This is our 3rd day of rain and storms, but tomorrow supposed to be the last rainy day, we hope. It hasn't been too cold, until today about 50-ish. Even had to turn on the heat. I'm sure that 30* was a bit of a change for sure! We must have gotten the rain that you was suppose to get, ya think? LoL I think it was coming from the northeast (your direction)! Hope you get those warm temps back again, tho, real soon.
  17. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! I got me a puffy today in the mail from KatyAllen! And that's okay, too, that it's better late than never ~ The squares are wonderful and they'll look great! I can hardly wait to get them all assembled! Thank you so much! Hope you're having a good day, too! We're getting rain storms all day, started last night. Hopefully it will finish running it's course tomorrow and be a sunny Sunday for us ~
  18. I don't think hardly any of the restaurants make meringue any more ~ I have an old Home & Gardens cookbook (back from the late '60s) that has the recipes for homemade cream pie fillings, mergingues (and anything that can be made with meringues, too ~ ), and pie crusts. Nothing beats a scratch-batch of pudding or pie filling! Even has a great recipe for lemon meringue pie, too ~ I've tried some of the newer versions, but they are so sicky sweet. I'll share recipes if anyone wants 'em, okay?
  19. You're welcome, sweetie ~ I'm glad they reached you okay. How Jayden doing now? All over her cold and feeling bad. She sure is growing like a weed! So cute, too.
  20. Lea ~ don'tcha just hate that? Have a hankerin' to bake something good to eat, then don't have all the ingredients to get 'er done. I hate when that happens ~ I've always thought that, as long as we stay active, we could eat anything we want, right? Nah, it just doesn't happen that way ~ I just don't have the get up and go I used to. Hmmm . . . lookin' for one of those Cadbury eggs, heh?
  21. Oh, I fix my cream pies with meringue, and I go easy on the sugar, too, since the fillings are pretty sweet on their own. Since I was using my new glass pie dishes, I made a double-batch of coconut cream, so by using the 6 egg whites for the meringue, it was like a mile high! LoL Couldn't put it all on the pie, tho, since I used my big toaster oven to brown it in. I was in the mood for experimenting ~ It worked pretty well, too . . . just have to remember to shorten the time from 12 minutes, to about 8 minutes. This will make it especially nice when I have a lot in the oven and then wan
  22. Good-lookin' sons! And what a darling grandson with is bunny ears! Sounds like you had a marvelous time with all the family Saturday. That's always so wonderful.
  23. You are making such good progress, Katy! I'm sure you are so glad to be outside and getting around better, heh? I love those roller walkers, too. I know several people who have them and they are such a handy thing for those who have a hard time getting around. A couple of hubby's aunts have them and they love them! Foxes are so pretty, I agree! I have only seen one close up, while we were looking at a house to buy some years ago. It came right up to the sliding glass door and looked at us ~ LoL Hadn't learned the fear of man yet, I guess. We had a rain storm move in last night,
  24. Happy Resurrection Day! ya'll . . . we don't do the Easter bunny-egg thingy, but do enjoy the dinner-time with friends and family. After our church service in the morning, we're having a big ol' ham and a hickory meatloaf, with mashed 'taters and candied yams, green bean casserole, creamy cole slaw, and homemade yeast rolls with butter. And for dessert we're having homemade chocolate cream pie and a coconut cream pie ~ yummy! (Do you all know how hard it is to stay outa those rolls??!! LoL) Hope everyone has a great holiday with family and friends ~
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