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  1. Looks like it's "back to work" now for the rest of the week ~ getting laundry done up now. Yesterday I got in another baking mood again, so made up a batch of butter crescent rolls to go with our pot of stew. It's cold outside and a good day for soups or stew, as some others have said ~ Not sure what to fix for today, tho . . . the rolls got finished off by the mister, tho, along with the left-over stew for his lunch. Maybe I can get him to fix us some biscuits and gravy, and I'll fry up some potatoes . . . nice 'n' simple. Think I'll get to working on the December squares, too . . .
  2. Hi! all and Happy Holidays some more ~ Can I make a request? How about showing everyone's birthday in parenthesis next to their name? Example: Lovin2crochet (25th) I'm such a procrastinator or always draggin' my feet , maybe it will keep me on track if I have a "deadline" to shoot for, so to speak ~ (ain't nothing like gettin' a present and a birthday card just before or on your birthday, right?)
  3. Kristy ~ I love those adorable grands-blankets . . . so cute! I'm sure they love the cuddles outa them, too! And . . .
  4. How are you coming on this project, Owlvamp? Did you get 'er finished yet, or still need some more squares? Carole
  5. HAPPY "DECEMBER" BIRTHDAYS! to KatyBug and Kristy Taylor ~ Hope your day was/is extra special and your dreams come true! I'll be working on squares to send you, too, okie-dokie? Carole
  6. Merry Christmas! Brenda ~ and Everyone here, too! Hope ya'll are having a wonderful holiday with family and friends today. Ours is quiet, just the two of us as usual. Hubby gave strict orders I'm not to be doing anything . . . except lay around or crochet, but no working in the kitchen ~ LoL (that's gonna be hard, especially while fixing dinner today!) He surprised me with a beautiful card and a Hawaiian candle (I love those scents!). As for the squares I'd like ~ I'm sticking with Christmas colors on this one . . . reds, greens, whites, maybe some added black or gold yarns. 6" o
  7. Pineknott ~ I love the rocks! Especially the Grinch one, so cute! What a neat idea, too. You and all the others do such a good job on painting! Awesome artwork! Thank you for sharing.
  8. Oh, that's quite alright, TampaDoll ~ You can catch me on the next go round, okie-dokie? I'll probably go ahead and work on those December squares this next week, maybe start tomorrow if time allows. I "was" going to have French toast for my breakfast this morning, too, but instead ended up eating a piece of gumdrop cake, and then later eating the last two pieces of banana bread near lunch time. At least that finished off any tempting sweets for awhile ~ LoL We had sunshine today, too, but temps lingered about 35* ~ brrrr ~ right now, it's about 26* and dropping for the night
  9. Thank you ~ on the afghan. Now I'm ready to start on another one . . . wanting to make the "Mended Hearts" afghan for our niece and new hubby for their Happily Ever After Party this next February (they just got married a couple of months ago). Both have had broken hearts from past marriages. Yep, no more gettin' out in the shopping world now until after Christmas, for sure! LoL Right now we're getting some sleet and low 30's temps . . . possibly SNOW for the weekend, and maybe Christmas, too! Yay! And happy dance for me ~ Brenda ~ I'm sneaking this in here to you! I love y
  10. Hi! Pineknott ~ yep, I'm the Christmas brat ~ LoL and thank you for the birthday wishes. I'm sorry to hear about you mom-n-law. I'm sure it's trying for you all, but I admire your caring nature and love for her. It's tough with these cuts on school employees/teachers, that's for sure. We have a little gal who works at the college near us, and after they usually will allow unemployment to kick in for their employees over the holidays, they are now fighting it and saying they don't owe her anything (they paid her too much??). Makes you wanna scream . . . really LOUD, I'm sure.
  11. KatyAllen8090 ~ I sent you a pm with all my updates for the Granny Squares, okie-dokie? This is gonna be a marvelous year, I can just feel it in ma bones ~ LoL Carole
  12. The Autumn Log Cabin afghan was mailed this morning to HAWAII ~ Son and dght-n-law will be getting it by next weekend I figure. (Hubby had a good idea for the matching pillow . . . keep it for myself as a sample of the afghan I'd made for the kids and something to when missing them.) This stupid RA is what slowed me down on finishing it earlier, like 2 yrs ago for their September anniversary ~ LoL I guess it's better late, than never, right? Now I'll be working on a Mended Hearts afghan for a newly re-married niece (bad, ended marriage ~ but new wonderful Knight in Shining Armor!
  13. Thank you, CShort, for the welcome back, too. Your brownies sure sound good! Hope you enjoyed your "grandbaby day" after work ~ gotta take those times when you can, right? Don't miss out on a single one, okay?
  14. Oooo, another hurray time for me! I finally finished the Log Cabin crocheted afghan I'd been working on for 2 years!! I even made a pillow from some larger "boo-boo" squares, too. Here's a pic of it . . . Thank you, again, everyone for your kind thoughts. It's really uplifted me to read your posts, helping me to get my head screwed on right, again ~ LoL I think I got myself too stressed out with all the house remodeling happening, and then the added other stuff on top of it. A bit more than I could handle at the time. I'm glad to see some new faces, or re-visiting faces here!
  15. Hello! Ya'll Just wanted to thank Brenda/BGS (crocheted angel), and Teresa/Crochetfan (crocheted snowflake) for the wonderful Christmas cards and gifties enclosed. I was so surprised. Knowing you were thinking of me just made my heart swell . . . I love each of you crochet buddies! I need to apologize for abruptly exiting the group several months ago. I was having some emotional problems, depression, caused I guess by this stupid RA (rheum. arthritis and some long-lost dght issues. Feeling tired all the time didn't help, either. Anyway, I managed to get myself into such an emo
  16. That's pretty cool seeing a knitter at a hockey game! LoL But you have to say, we crocheters and knitters do get around, heh?
  17. Well, it's time to play catch-up since the holiday weekend and this whole week flew by! KatyAllen, your hats are great looking! Love the red one especially! Snowbear, glad to have you back with us! Sorry to hear that it's hubby's turn to be sick, but hope he gets better real soon. Prayers for you both! I am SO tickled to be a "baglady" in Mary Jo's tote group! It was such a surprise to be a receiver of one of her beautiful totes! This morning hubby brought in my package (wondering what I had ordered again ~ LoL), and helped to open it for me . . . I got the Summer Flowers t
  18. We had a great weekend, started Friday. Had a reunion in Oklahoma Saturday, but went to see hubby's auntie Friday. Spent the night at a hotel, then headed south again. Everyone was nervous about the storms happening north of us, some decided to stay Saturday night at a hotel before heading to their homes. We went ahead and left for home. We some storms and hit rain between Sulphur Springs, Arkansas and Neosho, Missouri but nothing so bad as had to pull over . . . thank the Lord! Tornadoes were the biggest concern so we were watchful for them. Made it home before dark, and no rain or sto
  19. Glad you got the squares and hope they work well in your ghan.
  20. I have a suggestion, too, KatyAllen friend ~ How about proofing our posts before sending (or slow down typing ~ LoL)?? I flunked "hieroglyphics" in school ~ Note: On your last sentence for the squares to be made? What sizes are those suppose to be ~ 6-inch, ??? , 12-inch . . . just wondering. Thanks ~
  21. Well, another cloudy day, but it's suppose to start clearing off later this afternoon ~ yay! I'm done with the storms showing their face! The rain has been good for the garden, tho, so can't complain too much. We'll be wishing for rainy and cooler weather soon enough when Summer gets a hold, right? I'll be working on some more crochet today , getting a few things made for a dear aunt we'll be visiting next weekend, and some items for the auction at the reunion, too. Hope ya'll have a great weekend, staying cool , or out of the weather if it's wet and rainy . Happy crocheting!
  22. You can still select "no notifications" if you want, Linda. (it's at the bottom of your post ~ "notify me of replies") As far as I can see, we still have our signature at the bottom?? You might have to go in and do any changes you want, tho . . . colors, font, etc. Hope this helps with navigation ~ Go to your Account Settings in your profile and you can see all the stuff you can change on it (scroll all the way down to see everything). There's a whole list! I just checked it out myself and did some changes on my account, too, Linda. I'm sure liking this change in CrochetVille
  23. Sounds like you're gonna be having some fun with the cupcake decorating, heh? I know how much I enjoyed making my two kids' birthday cakes, too, when they were younger . . . so much fun. And to see the surprised looks on their faces, too. It's been awhile since I've done any cake decorating, but would love to try again some day. Not sure these ol' crippled up hands could handle it, tho ~ LoL Coffee sounds like a good thing, too, now that you mentioned it! It's gotten kinda cool this evening with the storms rollin' in. I'm sure Lil' Tribble will love the cupcakes! Don't forget t
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