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  1. LoL ~ I love your Hairy Harry, Mary Jo!  The kids will love this fella for sure! (you know you're gonna have to make a BUNCH of these guys, right? ;) )  He sure brought out the "hide-n-seek" members here, heh? :D

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  2. 2 hours ago, Terri/LadySorce said:

    That is how it use to be about 12yrs ago.  AuntBubbels and myself got all the lists cleaned up and started new ones!!

    Oh, okay ~ :)  That sounds great!  Hope you can get 'er going again . . . can hardly wait to read all the wishes ~ :)

  3. On 12/7/2017 at 9:17 PM, babypoohsmom said:

    Here I am! Oh goodness what a surprise!!  First, I must tell you that I jammed my Dad's mailbox key into our box and it got stuck there. We finally got into the box three days later. Because the mailman could still open the box even when we couldn't, we had 4 days of mail when we finally got it out. I dumped it on the counter and "clank" out came the key. It was too late to go back to the box in the dark (it's at the end of our street) so I went the next morning, found two boxes in the locker and tossed them both in the back seat of my car. Assuming they both belonged to my husband (because I did not order anything) I dumped them on the kitchen counter after a late night doing animal rescue stuff. So now we are at something like day FIVE after the box was delivered that I opened it.  So I *finally* realized what a bag lady was and could not believe I was chosen! So I snap a picture and go to log on to the Ville. The freekin' Internet was down! My husband would call the company during the day (he's retired) and they would get it running and by the time I came home for work, it would be down again. Today I decided that if the cable still wasn't working I was going to send the picture from my phone to my work email, damn be the no-personal-use-of-Internet rules at work, I was going to sneak in a post tomorrow. 

    So without further ado...THANK YOU TAMPA DOLL for the wonderful gift. I have to decide what to do with the pickle. It has been about 12 years since we've had a Christmas tree because we always seem to have foster kittens at Christmas and kittens+Christmas trees=nightmare. And if that tree potholder is a pattern you can share, I would really appreciate it.  And I don't know if you did some clever spying to decide on the colors of green and gold but they are my Packers colors!!



    Congratulations!  BabyPoohsMom ~ :yay   on being a Bag Lady!  Love your tote, and what a nice Christmas gift, too ~ :)

  4. On 12/10/2017 at 6:52 AM, Tampa Doll said:

    The funny thing, was that Tampa Guy was ready to put out a BOLO on the tote.:rofl  You think he watches Live PD and Cops to much?

    Enjoy your day.

    :lol   Hope you have a wonderful day, too, Mary Jo.  Many of us wish we were there in Florida right now . . . :wbrr

  5. On 12/30/2017 at 10:35 AM, Terri/LadySorce said:

    Hello Ladies,

      Here comes the New Year.  Hope you are ready for it!

    I am just wondering if anyone is still interested in having the Wish List up.  This past year there has been little involvement for it.  And it seems like no one can post on another's post.  That is troublesome there.  I don't see Amy or Donna around much either.

    Do YOU want the wish list still?



    I was just thinking, Terri?  Can you start a new thread for the Wish List, and then each of us post our list in it as a "comment" or post??  Not sure how it worked before, been too long to remember for me.  Maybe that would take the burden off of one person trying to keep up with changes or wishes being fulfilled?  We'd be responsible for our own entries and updates, then ~ :)

  6. On 12/30/2017 at 10:35 AM, Terri/LadySorce said:

    Hello Ladies,

      Here comes the New Year.  Hope you are ready for it!

    I am just wondering if anyone is still interested in having the Wish List up.  This past year there has been little involvement for it.  And it seems like no one can post on another's post.  That is troublesome there.  I don't see Amy or Donna around much either.

    Do YOU want the wish list still?



    I've missed the Wish List, too . . . so I'm happy to see it on its way back now ~ :D   It was nice sending little surprise gifties to others, and ever so often get a surprise in return, or unexpected giftie from an unknown person . . . that was always so sweet, and such a Day-brightener, too.  While going thru the cancer ordeal with Hubby 4 yrs ago, I know it really uplifted my spirits to have someone thinking of me and my sweetheart ~ :manyheart    Then returning the favor to someone else also helped me to think of others around me . . . got my mind off of our situation a little.  I've been so blessed by the Wish List and the RAoK (random acts of kindness).

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  7. 5 hours ago, greyhoundgrandma said:

    The single aim of my shawl is warmth so I'm using homespun, fiesta is the color. The pattern is Mama's Stitchery Projects' no beginning chaIn crazy block afghan. It's for a friend who has cancer and is having a stem cell transplant in February.

    I'm so sorry for your friend, Mona ~ :(  I'm sure your shawl will brighten her day.  Sounds pretty!  I love the HomeSpun yarn, even tho it can be a pain to work with (at least for me).  I made a hooded scarf a couple of years ago, in deep tones, for myself . . . ended up giving it to my sweet dght-n-law ~ :D   Prayers for your friend.

  8. That's great, Mona! :)  I bought some Mandala/Sphinx yarn to make myself a shawl ~ "Lost in Time".  It's such a beautiful shawl that Mijo Crochet designed . . . hope mine turns out just as pretty.  (sorry I can't find my link to post to her)  She's got several beautiful shawl patterns ~ she works with a lot of colors and blends.

    What's the name of the shawl you're working on? and the color(s) you're using?

  9. 2 hours ago, greyhoundgrandma said:

    The 2018 thread is up. We'll be glad to have you in the group!

    :ty    Would it be okay to post my 2017 scores, from what I can figure I've done lately??  Kind of a practice run for me, so I know what I'm doing . . . I think? LoL   WTD:  -1 (got a ball gave to me last weekend)    YTD:  +7  (skeins and 1 ball I used up in that Log Cabin afghan I finished last week)

  10. 4 hours ago, katyallen8090 said:

    yes i know how to make a new thread thanks though and all i would need i guess is for the admins to archive the old one or we would  eventually i think  maybe lose it  I will put  that request on the help board ok  dont however hold your breath for it to archive soon though lol  im still not gonna mess with the name change idea though but any of you can its up to you i  didnt realize some were having probs with this one loading i guess as i never do but then  both the desk top and laptop are fairly new so sorry about that  i will start a new thread and wait on archiving the old one  its on my list lol the people have spoken  so it shall be done  i will post here on this thread

     first page and here too the new thread i just hope the old missing members will find us lol

    yep handy fixed it once he went and got the part carole and just i time  as soon as he walked in the door with the new part it gave a squeal and turned off lol just in time huh!! we have a parts supply house for our type furnace right here a fewmiles  down the street so it went quick and only 112 bucks no labor as he did it lol   lol  

    forecast says could be 20 below this weekend is that true and does that then include wind chill???   sheesh   as a high this weekend gosh how do the outside critters make it through something like that anyway?? if a cat or dog is left outside for even a short time in that they probably would freeze to death im sure 

    i dont know how birds and rabbits etc can survive that  i worry about that 

      well hope to get my remaining squares for our DEC gals finished and puff'y'ed up today and will try to do the new thread today i hope anyway  those are my priorities today lol see you all a bit later ok  



    Yay!  And :ty   That's great that you were able to get the new thread started, Katy ~ :hug  I remember what a hassle it was with downloads, back when we still had to use dial up internet in these parts (some still do, since we don't have fiber-optics).  We've got Hughes Net now, which is satellite service, but it still has it's glitches, too, when clouds interfere or the sun activity affects service . . . it's always something, when you live in the farmlands or wooded areas ~ LoL ~ keeps life exciting! :D

    Looks like your hubby got the furnace part just in the neck of time, heh?  Glad you weren't having to go thru getting really cold before it got fixed!  Your cold weather is just a bit too cold for this ol' gal ~ LoL  It's always stayed above 0* in these parts, even tho the few 10* times have been too cold for me.  We do keep a shed fixed up for our outdoor kitties, with a heat lamp on to keep them nice and warm, and a big bed fixed up with a thick blanket to curl up in.  It keeps them out of the elements and gives them a place to huddle together in.

    I'm hoping to get busy on my squares to mail out, too, today.  I'd like to get them mailed out tomorrow morning before the post office closes at 10 am ~ :reyes  Yeah, it only stays open for about 2 hrs on Saturday . . . you know, cut backs here in the boonies.  Go fast, go fast! LoL

  11. 6 hours ago, pineknott said:

    good morning

    things went well,have no idea why the stress test said moderate blockage,and the heart cath revealed no blockage,they think he is just having chest wall spasms of no signifacence

    enjoy the day

    Well, that's a good thing, Lyn ~ :hug  Maybe he's just having gas pains from certain foods he's been eating??  Just a thought.  Sometimes certain meds might cause those kinds of pains, too, like indigestion.  It sure keeps a person guessing, tho.  My Jim has pains in his chest at times, too, when he walks too fast or too far, but his stress test and sonogram all came back "normal", too.  He's got a good, strong heart.  Sometimes I've thought it may be caused from not being as active since his cancer bout, then when he over-exerts it makes his chest feel heavy or aches.  Being a little on the heavy side now, too, doesn't seem to help, either ~ ;)

    Hope you're having a good day, too.  It's cold and icky here . . . but then it's Winter, right?  :wbrr

  12. 3 hours ago, bgs said:

    I have some squares ready for you.  I have to package them and then make a trip into town to mail them which is often harder for me to get done than making them


    :clap  Thank you!  Thank you!  :ty

    I'm a little backwards this week, so it seems . . . I've made two birthday gifties, but no squares to send with them yet ~ LoL  Surely TODAY I can get some done and ready to mail ~ :hook 

  13. Well, after posting a reply to PineKnott here (without realizing "where" I was at ~ LoL), I read over the rules of joining the game here and how it works, and this sounds like fun . . . and something that would be beneficial to my using up all my skeins and balls of yarn!  I'd like to give this a try for the coming year ~ :hook

  14. Wow!  This is how many projects you've done for the year, Lyn?!!  That's awesome!

    LoL  I think I can count on one hand how many things I've gotten done this year.  Hoping this coming year will prove more productive for me ~ ;)  Come to think of it, I think I've done better towards the end of this year.

  15. On 12/25/2017 at 10:10 PM, owlvamp said:

    Lovin2Crochet thank you for asking. Life has definitely got in the way of this project. I am still in the process of making this afghan and sadly to say . I have no excuse and hold of already had it done. But with so much going on including my health I never got to finish it. It is on my list of things to complete. 

    I need all colors still I will count and get back to you. 

    I have been having problems getting logged in. Tonight not a problem. So not sure.

    Merry Christmas to all! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

    You sound about like me, Sandra ~ that Autumn Log Cabin crocheted afghan I've been trying to finish for the past 2 years has finally gotten finished (last Thursday!) and reached Hawaii this week, to my son and dght-n-law.  Yeah, when you don't feel good, it sure takes its toll on how much you feel like doing, if or when your body decides to cooperate.  I'm hoping this next year will proof more accomplished for me ~ LoL  Hope you'll get to feeling better soon, too!

    I've got your list of "square needs" that you posted, saved so I can start working on some more for you, okay? 

    (I'm still trying to get all the Friendship squares I've collected over the past couple or three years ago, laid out to assemble . . . maybe I'll get that UFO finished shortly after the first of this coming year ~ :)  That would be so nice!)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too . . . and Happy New Year! :yay  :party


  16. 1 hour ago, bgs said:

    Just realize this thread is now 221 pages long.  Every time we come here those all have to load.  That puts you and the rest of us at a much higher risk of problems occurring than a thread with fewer pages to load.  Its also a pain for those with older computers and slower internet waiting for them to load.  I know from first hand experience.  I could not be here if it wasnt for my phone.  I can get on shorter threads here on my computer but this one rarely loads right.



    Maybe you or someone else can tell Katy how to open a new thread . . . I don't think it's very hard, is it??  I think there is a button at the top here that lets you open a "new" thread . . . yeah, it says "start new topic" ~ :)   If she knows how to "cut and paste", she can copy the opening post in this thread, then paste it in the new thread.  I hope this helps some?  Not trying to upset the apple cart, okay? ;)

    Any of us are willing to be a help to you, KatyAllen, okay?  We love ya! :hug

  17. 2 minutes ago, bgs said:

    KC zoo is open year round except for Thanksgiving Christmas and New Years.  It does depend on the weather as to which animals are out.  The polar bear likes the cold and snow!  When we go when its cold I visit the tropics house as its too steamy there for me in the summer.  The penguin exhibit is indoors and there is an indoor place to watch the polar bear.

    It's been years since we've been to the K.C. zoo!  I couldn't remember whether they would be opened or not in winter.  Sounds wonderful, tho, when you do get to go in the winter ~ :)  Since the Springfield Zoo is a bit smaller, I don't know how their winter schedule is for the animals.  Need to find out I guess ~ :)  It's just small enough to where we don't get worn out while walking thru the whole park.

  18. 2 minutes ago, katyallen8090 said:

    me too by a squeal from blower on furnace!! 

    Bum deal, KatyAllen!  Nothing like losing your heat when temps are dropping toward 0* . . . hope you are getting warmed up again.  Did hubby or the service fella get you back up and running again?  We've got a propane heater as backup for our CH/A unit, so make it extra secure during winter temps falling.  You take care and stay warm, okay?

  19. 2 minutes ago, cshort said:


    I'm trying to catch up again. I have the 2 oldest grandkids here. We went to the zoo yesterday with all grandkids, daughters and son-in-laws, we were all tired when we got home. Today we are just hanging out at home taking it easy, watching tv, playing with toys, crocheting, etc. Tomorrow we are planning to go to a nice park with my youngest daughter, her husband and all 3 grandkids.

    LoL ~ oh, you people and your nice Florida sunny weather in winter! :D  I don't think our zoos are open in this region when the temps start falling, and the ice and snow start flying.  There's a real nice one that hubby and I like to go to in Springfield, Missouri, just about an hour or so south from us.  The Kansas City Zoo is about 2-1/2 hrs north of us, and they get a lot more snow and ice up there than we do down here.  I grew up in southern California so didn't see much of a winter at all, mostly 50*+ and rainy.  But I do like the seasonal changes in the midwest ~ :)

    Sounds like a fun time with the grands, Carol ~ :)  Makes it nice that you can get out and about with them during their days off from school.

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