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  1. Van gogh was a great artist whose work is still incredible, the wheat field, poppies, starry night
  2. I am in York, PA it started snowing here about 90 minutes ago and we already have a nice layer of it on the ground. It will be following by freezing rain, which in my opinion is nastier than the snow. Not looking forward to the drive home from work tonight
  3. Hello and welcome from Central PA!
  4. I don't think I have a niche, I enjoy doing crochet and like to try crocheting a variety of things. Although there are a few things that I always done and it has become expected - 1 crochet afghan for bridal showers, 2 -crochet baby blanket for baby showers. My great neices and nephews get a layette set, and crochet teddy bear.
  5. love the colors. It looks beautiful!
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