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    Crocheting, reading, sewing,
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    I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom of four.
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    I love to do lapblankets for charity and to make purses
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    23 years although only in the last 4 years had I moved beyond anything other than a sc and dc stich
  1. Fun! I wish there was something local like that for me. Enjoy your time and I hope you meet some new friends.
  2. I am working on the sweater on the front of this pattern book and have taken the pattern step by step, crossing off each step as I go and I cannont find where I've made a mistake. I've frogged back over 8 rows and started back and still end up short 3 dc short. I am wondering if anyone knows if/where there might be corrections listed or if anyone has made this sweater that might be able to help
  3. Made my first square. It works up fast!
  4. Thank you for sharing the pattern here. I can't wait to finish my projects and start this!
  5. This is beautiful and looks like it would work up quickly too. I love squares because they are easily worked on wherever I go. I'm going to check out the pattern.
  6. Looks great and I think for a beginner you did a great job with the pattern. You'll have no trouble and will advance quickly.
  7. I love them!! So pretty and I bet they smell amazing.
  8. Very pretty. I love the pattern.
  9. Oh, that's pretty! I like the colors.
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