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    tammy carter
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    4 teenagers 4 dogs and a granddoggie
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    daingerfield texas
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    crochet and reading
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    private sitter for hospice
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    hats afgans and anything christmas
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    2009 but my grandma taught me granny square when i was 10
  1. very nice and i can imangine my yarn and hooks in there.
  2. I would love to be entered. I am the only one I know that crochets so I make stuff for everyone but myself. By the way these are beautiful.
  3. I really like this one. When I was young my granny and I would wait till everyone else was asleep and we would grab the bags of jelly beans and go to the front porch. We would sit and pick all the black ones out and eat them. Everyone would swear there were black ones in the bag before they went to bed but we never said a word.
  4. Beautiful bag. I love the colors well I love all colors. Your bags keep getting better and better. Thank you for all that you do.
  5. I saw this afghan or quilt on a ladys blog and have been looking everywhere for it. Yesterday I found yours and it is beautiful. I also found mcCalls book on ebay for 99 cents today and ordered it. I can hardly wait for it to get here so I can get started on it.
  6. I saw a quilt that was made up of diamonds. The diamonds were sewn together to make a 6 pt star. The diamonds were just dc and I have looked every where and can't find a pattern. I would love help finding this pattern because I am going to make this for me.
  7. I finally finished my stepsons blanket. I don't think I will start another large granny square any time soon. It is 6 ft by 4ft. That's him behind it not me.
  8. Love the colors oh and by the way black licorice is my favorite candy. The stronger the better.
  9. Its only 4 ft by 4 ft. Dustin is fixing to be 17 so I want it to be 4 by 6 ft
  10. Hey what about a's there is alabama, arizona, and alaska. Alaska is real cold right now and is alaska and arizona nw?
  11. This is the progress on my sons blanket. I started it to use the verigated yarn up and then he asked for it so I started using other colors. It is 4by4 but I'm adding a foot on top and bottom so it will be big enough. I am tired of this one so I'm glad it is 3/4 finished.
  12. I'm making a large granny square for my son and now he says he wants it for his bed. What would be the best way to make longer as a rectangle. Would a granny stripe do or should I just dc in all stitches on top and bottom. I know I should just keep going on the square but I'm needing it to be done.
  13. My daughter ordered me a size h and I got it today. It is like a boye. It is so comfortable and easy to use
  14. First of all my favorite color is yellow. So please put me in the running.
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