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    Been crocheting since 8 years old.
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    Sound Beach, LI, NY
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    crochet, cooking, reading
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    RN - when I work. Also mom & wife
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    clothing for myself & others
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    Since 8 years old
  1. I would love to win this. I have 3 beautiful doggies and have just recently returned to knitting -- I'm not the best knitter, but the puppies won't care too much about wonky stitches and not quite straight seams.
  2. Scarves will be flying off the hook! Will let you know when I have a sufficient assortment to mail. XXOO
  3. Been spending a lot of time in Rav land and so have not been on the ville for quite a while, but I'm back now! Missed you guys! Hope all is well with everyone. Don't be mad, but I now knit as well as crochet. I'm finding that there are more crafts and projects that I want to do and not enough time for it all -- I've been cross stitching, got a new sewing machine... Almost died at least 3 times during a 10 day hospitalization (of which I remember only 2 days) in March... Heard the EMT saying "I'm losing her, drive faster!", and just thought: "Not now, I yelled at Mike this morning, and I have 4 gifts that I need to finish by the end of the month! This is so NOT a good time!" I still love to crochet as much as always, and will always turn to crochet whenever I need a quick gift -- it is such a versatile craft. Well, anyway, HELLO AGAIN to all my friends.
  4. Hi sweetie! I'm still around. Haven't been on the ville lately (probably the past year). Too busy in the hospital myself, and too much time on Ravelry. I would love to make some scarves for you and your ladies. I also saw something about lap squares?? That sounds interesting. Just let me know what you need, how many, where to send them and when you need them by! Your friend in sickness and health (yours and mine!) Janine
  5. It is a great idea, but I never thought of it for tightening the center -- just as a way to avoid the dredded "weaving in"
  6. OK. This involves math! Be afraid, be very afraid! No, really, it isn't that hard, just figure out your placement on the first round and then each succeeding row until you get to 60. So, on the round with 36 you increase every 5 stitches (this pattern is weird that way, cuz most call for every 6 as 6x6+36..... But whatever, on the next round your increases are every 6 stitches, so just continue with every 7th stitch increased on the next round (48 stitches), every 8th stitch on the next round (54), every 9th on the next (60) get the picture?? Just make sure you move your marker up with each round so you can keep count -- no need for a new marker on each round, but you kind of need to make sure that your rounds are even -- hence the need for a marker. Unless, of course, you are turning at the beginning of each row -- then you don't need a marker. Hope I made this more clear, not more confusing! Enjoy this! Hats are quick, easy and gratifying as you get a finished product in a little investment of time.
  7. Hey you guys! I'm still around, just bummed about the fall out from the holidays and because we are now officially "poor" -- so no more buying yarn or any fun stuff like that. Need to find a job, but you all know how hard that can be. No nursing agencies are hiring, I personally won't work in a hospital, and local stores want to know why someone with a college degree wants to work for minimum wage ("For the Money! is apparently not a good answer.)
  8. Condolences on your uncle's death. I made a scarf this week for my son -- in 2 days (had to frog it the first time, cuz I didn't have enough yarn for the pattern and hook I chose). Now have a crochet related injury to my R index finger!
  9. I was on bed rest with both of my boys! BOOOORING....!!! At least you found something to do! Enjoy! Oh, and WELCOME from Long Island.
  10. Always willing to listen to a story. just PM me! Welcome!
  11. You're a verbal learner, not a visual learner. I have a son who is special ed, so I know the difference. Unfortunately, since there are so many visual learners, it has now become the standard. Get yourself a book that covers both and you will be ok!
  12. I am very sorry to hear about your DH. I can't imagine how lonely you must feel! As far as increasing, I can tell you about circles, but not ovals... In circles, you increase for the number of rows, for example, on row 1, increase in each stitch, in row 2, every other stitch, in row 3, every 3rd stitch. but I think with an oval, you want to work straight on the long areas and only increase at the short sides. Hope that helps.
  13. Basic stitches are all you need! Everything else works up from that. Welcome and have fun!
  14. :welcome My baby sister's name is Nikki, too (actually, it's Nicole, but no one except Dad calls her that)
  15. Hello and welcome! Until you can get to where you want to go on the forums, just ask your questions wherever you can. We WILL answer!
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