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  1. I just love these !!!!!! But don't know if I could do them if I locate the book.
  2. Thank you very much for the link I think there is one on there that might be a similar pattern.
  3. Hello I am from Monmouth, IL not far from the Mississippi River, about 30 to 40 Miles to the Quad Cities, & Burlington Ia.
  4. I am trying to find the name of a afghan pattern for a afghan that looked like it was single crochet a row at a time all done on the right facing side, it had fringe on both ends, it had maybe three rows of single crochet in solid color and a row done in varigated but this row looked a little wavy and three rows of single on the other side it was in bright colors with bright varigated row that was wavy. I seen this in a rehab center but before I could ask the person about it they were released. Any help would really be appreciated. Thank you:think
  5. THank you for all your help I am working on a pattern now , I don't know if I will get it, but I am trying. Thank you, pat
  6. Thank you ladies for the links to the bubble suit patterns, I am not real good yet at following clothing pattens, I was hoping for a simple one I did find one that looks easier that is all doubble crochet and not to fancy, I am going to see if I can figure it out. Thanks again pat
  7. Hello, I am from Monmouth, IL not far from Macomb, Hi Lisa this is Pat, I haven't been on line much lately. I see your still making those wonderful patterns. I new you would do great. I haven't been to Walmart in Macomb lately. Pat
  8. I would like to find a fairly easy pattern for a crochet bubblesuit/romper/sunsuit for a baby, It is called all three different names. If anyone knows of one please let me know I will buy the pattern if it is forsale. Thanks, Pat
  9. I just love the little bonnet, and the sweater are you goinig to sell the patterns for them when you write them up. I am working on bonnets to and want to make them look like the old fashioned bonnets I think they are so cute. pat
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