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  1. This is the only close up I have of it ...
  2. I thought it was Mile-A-Minute as well at first but mom keeps insisting it was worked in a single piece with the fringes being on the bottom and top. I've had someone else recommend that it was an aran cable of some sort but and while I've seen some stitch examples that are close, nothing matches it. I am thinking this could also be because of how lose the stitches are (everything she did was very lose tension).
  3. Picture attached is what my mother-in-law refers to as her piece-de-resistance. It is a gorgeous afghan done in white and baby brights ombre simply soft. Problem is, I want to try the stitch / pattern, but she doesn't remember how she did it nor can she find the pattern. She no longer crochets so she has either disposed of or sold off a lot of her patterns and notions. Does anyone know the name of the pattern or the name of the stitch that is used? Thanks Thanks Ms. Razz - didn't realize it didn't upload - it is here now
  4. Thanks!!! I took a whack at my pile of fibers on my drop spindle... I'm impressed and I'm also in love...
  5. Is there anyway I can rescue a pile of raw fiber? I have some short fiber wool that I just got (to try and learn how to spin). In drafting some of it, I've gotten it to .. well its in pretty sorry shape and remains one big pile of attempts to pre-draft it into something usable.
  6. Had some left over bone colored simply soft from another project. Combined with some more in my stash (chocolate and white simply soft)....
  7. Okay - ya weird request! I'm on the committee for Relay for Life this year and our entire theme for our 2010 event is "Celebrating Birthdays"... So I know I've seen them and now I can't find them... I'd like to crochet a birthday cake If anyone knows any patterns please let me know! Thanks
  8. macfoo

    Help a newbie!

    I've had to do that too - using a larger hook to chain with and then switch to a smaller for the pattern. I know when I started I was getting very confused on stitch counts... I usually threaded a piece of contrasting yarn every 10 stitches (it seems like a lot but when you have the attention span of a gold fish you get the idea)... A quick count would tell me where I was off really quick... because it would have to match both across and up. If the yarn shifted, I knew I was in trouble Worked great for learning pattern stitches as well. It's how I learned that not all afghans need to be made into a triangle (I was always forgetting the ch1 at the beginning and would dec every row.. on both ends). I made a lot of triangles before I figured it out
  9. macfoo

    Ball Winder

    A C Moore was carrying the electric one (saw it yesterday). No price listed so not sure how much. Went out to their website though and didn't see it there so it may be an instore only thing?
  10. That is beautiful yarn. Just headed over to LBs website and my mind is grinding I think the crocheted scarf patterns give a decent indication of how the colorway will work
  11. which blanket is it? You mention a hood which would mean a border would be an interesting addition at best
  12. I follow a website called lifehacker.com - which contains all types of computer/geek news/tips/tricks/etc for well.. "hacking" life to make it easier.. So I'm cruising through the site today and what do I see... a video and a video of what you as? Somebody showing how to save your 10 ft usb cable (or any cord for that fact) from being a tangled mess... And how, you ask is this mighty feet accomplished? A chain stitch of course http://lifehacker.com/5411305/daisy-chain-knots-resize-or-store-spare-cords-without-clutter
  13. Found that they were traditionally referred to as a lambshed-hood I'm going to guess that any "cap" pattern can/will do - then you can just slap a beard and mustache on at your discretion
  14. It ended up working out as I started doing the pattern... if its supposed to be there or not - still uncertain but its the exactly length and the number of stitches is working out perfectly (working on a wearable) The pattern stitch I'm working on is fpdc/bpdc back and forth to make a ridged fabric (its one of the pattern's out of Drew's manly crochet book thingie)... I did a small test swatch intentionally with the wrong number of chains and it didn't work up the same way thanks all for your help!!!
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