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  1. Hi Ixa.. It was designed specifically for burial. Its open all the way down the back so its easier to dress the baby.. since they are so very fragile after death. I think Mrs Who explained the rest beautifully. Thank you Mrs Who! And thank you Ixa for thinking the outfit cute.. I appreciate that!
  2. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for using my pattern! I love hearing how my patterns will be used!
  3. Hello all, I've added a new pattern for a Newborn SANTA hat on my web site. Great for charity work or just for that little loved one in your life. Enjoy. http://www.geocities.com/crochetrat
  4. Hello everyone, I just added a new pattern for a Newborn BOY Burial outfit on my website. Hope those of you doing charity work for babies will find it useful. Thanks http://www.geocities.com/crochetrat
  5. I have received my certificate and report back in the mail. I wrote to the woman artemis gave me the name for, but she more or less didnt want to hear anything negative, so I just said my peace and left it at that ~sigh~. Like I told artemis, I dont think I will be recommending the program to anyone anytime soon. I'm still disappointed, but I'm moving on to bigger and better things. Happy Crafting
  6. Thank you very much!! I think thats what disappoints me the most is they didnt communicate better.. I could have stood the waiting a little more patiently had I known what was going on.
  7. Thank you very much!! Glad its mostly over now! Still waiting on the report she said she was going to send letting me know what she thinks I was or wasn't doing right.
  8. Thank you for the congrats!! Would I recommend it? Oh thats a tough question...personally.. if I had read all the posts including mine (as another person) before I started, I probably wouldnt have done it for the large amount of money they are asking to do it. But on the other hand, I am glad I got the opportunity to do the portfolio's.. they were fun.. its just the hassle AFTER they were done that i'm disappointed in.
  9. received my portfolio's back in the mail today with a note attached saying I passed.
  10. well, I finally got CGOA on the phone, asked about my portfolio.. and they told me once they send it to the judge person.. its basically out of their hands. I asked if there was some way to contact the judge person..... they gave me her email. I wrote her and told her I didnt understand why it had taken 5 months to get my binders judged and perhaps they were lost in the mail?... she said she has been busy and was sorry for the delay ~sigh~. She assures me that she will be mailing my portfolio's back to me on July 18 and will email her report to me. So... there's where it stands now....
  11. I just checked the posts.. and Fayettesmom sent her's in on 23January06 and received her certificate 02May06.. so BARELY over 3 months... ~sigh~ :think
  12. If I remember right Drew sent his in in May and received his certificate back in June. I dont really want to bother him with my piddly questions cause I know he's a busy guy. ~sigh~
  13. I too have wondered if mine could be lost somewhere.. or just thrown away by someone who could care less. I have come to find out the people that are judging are just people who have previously done the course. They could be anyone. ~sigh~ I'm not sure what to think at this point. I think what upsets me the most is they wont even answer my emails. :think
  14. I was told only one person would be judging it.. someone named Carol V. Moore.. she's had it for 3 months now...It was my impression that the judging wouldnt take very long. .. but beside that... they could at LEAST answer my emails.... dontcha think??
  15. well.. here i sit.. STILL waiting to hear ANYthing about my portfolio... I mailed it in 22February2006... I heard NOTHING until I got an email 13April2006 saying they were delayed and that it was finally being sent on to so-in-so to be judged.. I've wrote to CGOA twice now asking when i might actually hear something.. NO RESPONSE. I really dont believe it should take 5 MONTHS to get a response from someone.. the polite thing would be to respond with a two second short email letting me WHY its dragging on this long.. am I being unreasonable?? :think :think
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