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  1. she is wayyyyy too cute in that!!!!.. great job!!!!! i love the colors....the style...EVERYTHING!
  2. love it!!! i will for sure be making this..... it's so great that your daughter and my daughter are the same age/size! i like how that works out! tee hee hee.... love your creations!
  3. my 3 year old son just peeked over and saw it and knew EXACTLY that it was.... Awsome job!!! (my 2 younger children love that show...it kinda freaks me out...LOL)
  4. i am in! Have my pattern and wouldnt you know it...this week at Michaels H.S yarn is 1/2 off!!! whoohooo so i got 7 things of it! (i want to make mine a little bigger...) I am so excited to get started but i have to finish 2 little WIP's first (darn thoes WIP's!) What a brillant pattern!..thank you thank you thank you!!!!
  5. good job! we have thoes tights too! lol....i love them..i should have bought a bunch more ! i cant find them anymore
  6. ohhh wowwww!! I LOVE it and i have soooo much of that yarn!!! it's has the most yummy-est feel to it doesn it?...I made my son a baby size blanket out of it when he was first born and he still sleeps with it (he he 2.5yrs now)... I would LOVEEEEE to make this for him as well! good job!!!!
  7. great job! your stitches are so even! AWSOME!
  8. made it yesterday after comming across this post.... worked up really fast and loved the end result..which will be mailed off to my niece for her b-day! (doing a crochet theme pressies, halter top, v-stich beanie, water bottle carrier, shall, WHK that is all packed into a crocheted messenger type bag that i also made.) Great job!!! thanks for sharing!
  9. Jaybird: OMG...that is crazy! *laughing"* I have not heard of another "younger" Heather EVER!!! and the same age! WOW! what are the chances of that? Are you a 70's born Jennifer? LOL...I was born in '74 and there was always at least 2 other Jennifer's in my class growin up! (thankfully i LOVE my name! hehehehe) i think the newer generation should bring back "Jennifer"!!!!! LOL... Everyone: Thank you for the compliments!
  10. 2 hats for my daughter beanie style: bucket style: (I alterd the pattern a little to make it bucket-y style) (The hat pattern is from luv2crochet and can be found here: http://www.luv2crochet.com/lacyshellponcho.pdf . Made with recycled cotton i got at wal*mart on clearance) Newborn Summer outfit: (Pattern can be found here: http://www.geocities.com/Crotiques/bgs.htm I used BERNAT SOFTEE BABY) 6 month Hoodie: Pattern was in this booklet by BERNAT: I used BERNAT Baby Coordinates in Sweet Pink
  11. This is my friends design and pattern LOVE IT!!!... My model is my 4 year old daughter HEATHER-ANNE who does beleive she is CANADA's NEXT TOP MODEL..(As you can see by her poses!) ehhehehehehe
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