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    Pink and White Poncho

    I just finished this up ....
  2. Nee

    Maroon and Lt blue Poncho

    I love the way this turned out . I used Double crochet, shell stitch and the lovers knot . more photos in my blog
  3. Nee

    FREE....pink lupine seeds

    I would love some if you still have more
  4. Nee


    Hi and welcome
  5. Nee

    My 1st Doggie sweater

    A friend asked me to make their tiny dog a sweater ... This is what i came up with She wanted it real girly ... ready to party ??/ LOL
  6. Nee

    Hello from South Australia

    Hi, and welcome from NY
  7. Nee

    Hello from NC

    Hi, and welcome from NY . I enjoy all crafts from crochetting,beading to making wreaths etc etc. My Etsy shop is a mix of all my creations.
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hi, And welcome from NY
  9. Nee

    Help needed looking for a bikini pattern

    I was told to just follow a panty to design it and a bra I can easily crochet one but I can`t get the hang or writing a pattern with great details yet sorry. I hope someone can help you .
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    New from MN

    Hi and welcome from NY
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    Another one returning...

    Hi, and welcome back
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    Hello From Atlanta, GA

    Hi and welcome from NY
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    Hi From Arkansas!

    Hi from NY , Welcome to the Ville !
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    Greetings from Ft Leonard Wood, MO

  15. Nee

    Another Addict

    Hi, and welcome to the Ville .
  16. Nee

    Hey--from southern Illinois here.

    Hi, and welcome from NY , Way to go on BRANCHING OUT !
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    Hi, And welcome from NY
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    Greetings from Gondor

    Hi and welcome from NY , See you on Etsy
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    Hi and welcome to the ville
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    Hello from VA!

    Hi, And welcome from NY
  21. Nee

    Newbie from PA

    Hi, And welcome from NY I have been crochetting since I was 7 and still can`t always read the patterns out there , terminology changes over the years. But I can look at an item or a picture and make my own pattern very easily . It just takes a little more time calculating where to put arm holes and such but if there is a way , I will find the way !
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    new from Pa

    Hi, and welcome from NY
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    Another Newbie

    Hi and welcome from NY
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    hello from nc

    Hi and welcome from NY
  25. I made this for my sister , I didn`t just want to make a plain Shawl so I decided to give it a collar to make it different .