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    I am a SAHM of 3 boys and lover of all crafts.
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    baby sweater,dress,poncho,hat,afghan
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    1969 ( I was 8 yrs. old
  1. I would love some if you still have more
  2. Hi, and welcome from NY . I enjoy all crafts from crochetting,beading to making wreaths etc etc. My Etsy shop is a mix of all my creations.
  3. I was told to just follow a panty to design it and a bra I can easily crochet one but I can`t get the hang or writing a pattern with great details yet sorry. I hope someone can help you .
  4. Hi and welcome from NY
  5. Hi from NY , Welcome to the Ville !
  6. Hi, and welcome to the Ville .
  7. Hi, and welcome from NY , Way to go on BRANCHING OUT !
  8. Hi, And welcome from NY
  9. Hi and welcome from NY , See you on Etsy
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