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  1. what i mean by stitch count is the pattern needs to have a certain number of stitches for a set. for example: a shell stitch in a sc skip 2 st then shell st in next sc around. the pattern that i created has so many stitches skips 2 then one stitch skip one stitch and skip 2. repeat. so how do i figure out the stitch count so it is even at the end of the row each time.
  2. I made up a hat pattern and I really love it and I just did it without counting the stitches i just guessed and it came out perfect (not sure how haha) but i was wondering how do you actually find out the stitich count so i can make it in bigger sizes? also how do i get the measurments of a hat? do i fold it in half and measure it and multiply by 2?
  3. ash_bunn


    Hello, I don't post in here much but i have a question. I made some dresses and i'm not sure how to measure them to figure out what size baby they will fit. how would you go about doing that? the original pattern says 18 months i believe and i went down hook sizes to make them smaller but i wanted to make sure i get the right size on them before i tell someone what size it is.
  4. Hello, I very rarely post on here and I had just sold 2 hats I made to a friend and I don't know the best way to ship them. what do you suggest?
  5. It is multi color with the light pastel colors, I actually need to untangle it since she gave it to me tangled since she gave up untangling it, I'm almost done, I'll keep those in mind they sound very pretty
  6. how about a poncho? I was thinking about making one for my soon to be 2 yr old
  7. I had received this yarn from my husband's aunt and it looks like ribbon, I was wondering what type of yarn it is and what is a good thing to make with it.
  8. a pattern so I don't make the blanket as long as the pattern suggests? I found a really cute pattern on the yarn wrapper and it looks like an adult size blanket, the measurements are 47 1/2" x 61" I was wanting to make the blanket for my niece due in april. so is there a what to make the pattern smaller, or half the size?
  9. ash_bunn

    sc on a graph

    ok I have done so many rows and i don't want to start over which probably isn't the best idea i do have some yarn that i haven't crocheted over in the back that is visible should i just cut and weave them in?
  10. ash_bunn

    sc on a graph

    i'm doing the sc on a graph and I was wondering what i do with the yarn that is loose, for example the yarn that isn't being used at that certain sec when i change colors. do i crochet over it on the next row?
  11. And you wont use as much yarn either.
  12. ok i get that what do i do if there is a big gap between the color changes?
  13. I'm making my first graph ghan and I was wondering when you use the single stitch when you are using different colors. (I know how to change colors) when you don't need the design color(s) do i leave them hanging? and also when there is a big gap between some stitches of that color? does this make sense?
  14. ash_bunn

    graph help

    Thanks I figured it out.
  15. Hello my name is Ashley, I've been crocheting since I was 11 and have made my daughter her own blanket, I've also made a few other blankets.
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