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  1. I would certainly have a lot of silk/wool blend in my stash, I'd also stock up on microfiber in a major way. as for everything else, well, I'd want to try it ALL. I heard about a cotton/milk fiber yarn that I'm dying to pet, for example.
  2. I'll second this. I was just scrounging around in one of my baskets... (ok, I'll be honest. more like, I was doing housework and there was SO much yarn in one of the baskets in the living room that it kept falling out and that was just WRONG so I reorganized my stash a lil bit to avoid that whole gravity problem) anywho... I found a skein of Vanna's Choice and was planning on coming back and mentioning it. very soft. softer than I remember it being, too.
  3. I don't have much of a suggestion... I would say go pet some Caron Super Soft and see if that is soft enough. It's actually worsted, I think, but it's a tad thinner than the rest. I've heard/read about a lot of complaints with the change in SS's quality lately, though. Maybe have a gander at a few of the more prominent sock yarns? I really don't know. I am currently on the prowl for the perfect yarn in worsted, for an afghan, though, and if i come across anything that might be useful to you I'll come back to this thread and let you know
  4. I just found out about Ravelry a few weeks ago, Like I mentioned in another thread, I was on a long hiatus from crochet, including this site and other places that I would have learned about it on. I don't even remember where I finally did hear about it, probably from one of the yarny podcasts I subscribed to recently. And I KNOW I won't be able to use the same name there. I can't wait. but I'll have to. I'm still 11000 or so in line. plenty of time to think of a good new screen name lol. I'm jealous, so congrats to those of you who are in!!!
  5. I took a too long hiatus from crochet... I burned myself out pretty good trying to get 50 potholders done and then an afghan for a dying friend... I ended up handing the reins of my local comfortghan club over to someone else, and basically ignored my stash for 6 months. I'm just now back and feeling it is a pleasure and not a burden, but my oh my do I have quite a few UFO's to sort through. so, I've made a few scarves lately, and I plan to organize my stash and decide what to finish and what to frog.
  6. http://crochet.about.com/od/babyafghans/ss/BabyShells.htm this one is my favorite. the pattern, followed exactly, makes a rectangle, But I always modify it by making the starting chain longer and making a square out of it. I have used both baby weight variegated, and Caron SS in stripes. I work all rows in the pattern, then switch colors when it calls for a repeat of the rows. Right now i'm actually working on one using variegated SS for a four row repeat, then pink(4 rows), then variegated again(4 rows), then cream, then variegated, etc.
  7. corky, that's a good idea, except the 'first' row is actually done as the third row.. first the chain, then a row of sc, then the first row of the pattern. I considered doing it that way, but i would still have to frog and start over again if i got it wrong. I may still end up trying that, if no one else can help. thank you, though!!
  8. I just frogged 6 feet of two rows, plus the sc foundation of a ripple pattern. I'm really quite angry about it. but that's beside the point. Obviously I have made a mistake in a calculation, because I took a pattern and had to lengthen it, I had to have gotten the chain and foundation wrong. (since I know you all will understand this, and because I just ranted at my Hubby who just looked at me like I was an alien, I will take a brief moment to rant again and tell you what happened, stitch-wise) ......I got the sc row finished, the count was right according to my (incorrect) math, and did the first row. the first row turned out perfectly because, as i found out while counting after i noticed the problem, I did the DC increase three times in a row on one of the ripples instead of 2, so that when I got to the end of the second row, I had 2 extra spots to stitch in.... so now I have to start over with the math and everything, and since I have to use the yarn I've frogged (I had to order it online just for this project) I'd like to get a few opinions on the dreaded math of modification. the gauge swatch called for a chain of 35, and a foundation row of 34sc. The actual pattern is: chain 147, foundation row 146sc what I did was took 34 plus one for my starting chain (making it bigger) the pattern after the foundation row is: ch2, dc in first st, dc2tog, dc in next 5 sts, DCinc twice, dc in next 5 sts, *dc2tog twice, dc in next 5 sts, DCinc twice, dc in next 5 sts; rep from * to last 3 sts; dc2tog, dc in last st, turn. so now, I'm thinking, the pattern between the *'s takes 16: and the stuff outside them takes 17 at the beginning and 3 at the end, so instead of using a multiple of 34 plus one, I should try taking a multiple of 16 plus 20??? dc2tog is just a 2dc cluster, without the closing loop found in some patterns, and dcinc is 2 dc in one stitch any help here would be fantastic. I'm about to throw a hissy fit with myself.
  9. thanks for the PM about this thread, angelfire. It would be easier for me to get to a Janesville get together, but that's like saying a hungry school of pirahna is friendlier than a rottweiler whose yard you've just broken into. ...yes, I'm in a mood today. sorry. wherever it is, I have a 50 percent chance of being able to get away and afford the gas on the same day. I have to vote "let me know when you all decide and I'll try like crazy to be there." Janesville 'would' be easier but I'd also LOVE to find that Kro-sha store.
  10. Since I'm absolutely horrible with directions and stuff, I'll just say Sharon is right on the WI/IL border in Walworth County, 10 miles from Darien, 10 miles from Delavan, 7 or so from Walworth, and directly to the north of Harvard, IL. If I'm facing Canada, Beloit is on the left and Walworth, Fontana, Lake Geneva, etc. are on the right. I think Whitewater/Madison would be straight ahead, and Harvard behind me. The cool thing about living here is that even though it seems its in the middle of nowhere, We're pretty close to all of the major highways and about 1-2 hours away from the HUGE cities... and centrally located for a shorter drive to several other cities. A country girl at heart, I prefer the drive to living in a bigger town. The sanctuary is sort of a mystery. Well.. perhaps not a mystery so much as... It is truly a sanctuary. The public aren't allowed to go do the gawking thing and see the animals... I've lived here for 2 years and i *still* don't know exactly where it is. I do know that every now and then they sort of do a bit of publicity or get another article about them, and every now and then you will hear 'through the grapevine" that they need stuff or money donated. I have no idea if they are looking for volunteers, I can try and find out for you if you'd like, and get some contact info for you. and to stay on-topic, sort of.. I plan on telling the hubby to bugger off for the day and making a little escape to Janesville for yarn petting and lunch. I don't know when it will be, it will depend on how soon my wonderful Mom sends me my birthday money either this coming weekend or the one after.... I'll be back with more as soon as I know when it will be.
  11. I'm about 40 minutes of Janesville, also, and would love to get out of the house and hang out with some people who understand what the heck I mean when I start babbling about crochet (which is, mostly all the time! lol) I also had found Joanns and michaels, and walmart, but had no idea baout the other shops mentioned. It would have to be on a weekend for me to come out and play, though, unless it was a thursday and someone was close enough to Sharon to pick me up on the way.
  12. I got five rows done. I can't get a pic quite yet, I'll wake the hubby up if i try to get the camera. hopefully I'll be able to take one real quick before work in the morning. but I won't have time to figure out how to get it actually hosted somewhere and then link it to make the pic show up here, so I think I'm gonna put it in my blog and link to the blog instead. then I'll actually find the thread here that tells one how to host and post pic properly. bah. I may have to frog the thing anyway. I can't figure out how to carry the colors up a row? is that even possible? I'll have a row of all blue with 5 white, then the white continues on the row above in another 5 stitch group...off at an angle from the first one, of course.... and i can't seem to wrap my brain around how to carry it up to the next spot and start the white again. I keep thinking that it would be easier to just tie off for every color change but I think all the ends would drive me bonkers. *edit. I am working on a photobucket album right now, in another screen. I won't have time to post progress properly, so for right now I'm just adding in a link to my blog. I'll be back later on, to do it right, but for now here is the link http://http://crochetbabble.blogspot.com/2006/01/graph-ghan-update.html . If this doesn't go straight to the Graph-ghan entry, someone please let me know*
  13. yay!!! I can't wait to see the pics! heres my late update. I thought i had solved the size problem, I was just going to add 20 row of black on each of the short ends and make it a square, then add a border and then I didn't know what. so I got about 10 rows of black done, when I realized that a.) I would have to work the graph sideways, which for some reason I do not want to do. I can't explain it, some anal retentive part of me is screaming 'NOOOOOO!' b.) It would be much easier to just make the graph, and then look at it to decide whether it would be better to make more graphs and join for the afghan, or whatever I planned to do, and to add the black first would be silly. c) The Colts were losing the playoff game. so, with much weeping (ok, not weeping, I was yelling at the tv and yelling at my yarn and making my hubby laugh at me) I frogged the whole thing. It'll actually be a relief to just start the stinkin' graph this weekend. I'll post a real progress pic sunday night, even if it's just the starting chain. lol
  14. Mine are made and ready to be mailed... as soon as that silly paycheck gets here. lol either this afternoon or tomorrow.
  15. K. didn't mean to confuse you. see what I mean? It's hard to ask the question right. The pattern is a graph with no holes. meaning that each square in the graph represents a color, instead of some being holes and some the solid filled in, as in with a solid color filet piece. There are no open meshes/blocks. In filet, from what I understand, whether you are going from an open mesh to a closed mesh, or open to open, or closed to closed, they share a dc, i.e. the first dc of each mesh is also the last dc of the previous mesh. This graph, having no open meshes, is causing me a problem because, for example, If i am looking at the pattern and I have a blue closed mesh right next to a grey one, what happens with the shared DC?? I do not think I can ignore the shared stitch, because after doing a swatch of DC, I noticed that they do not center up correctly for this to be an option. I believe that the shared dc concept gets rid of the "off-center' problem. Then it causes another one lol
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