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  1. Wow! It's beautiful! What a lot of colours, and it works great! Definately worth all the work. Did you make it for yourself or is it a gift? Must be such an eyecatcher in your house. Greetings, Amanda .
  2. That's just beeeeautiful! I also like to frame my square's or hexies with one colour, makes the other colours stand more out, don't you think! How many colours did you use in total? What a great gift to give at a wedding, so precious! Amanda.
  3. I have a baby afghan made of merino, I washed it because my babygirl likes to suck on it. I use woolite for the washing-machine, on a special wool-program, works good! Succes with your gift, greetings, Amanda.
  4. Hi Kay, What a beautiful afghan you made! Can't believe it's 'just' scraps! It's very pretty, can't wait to see your other projects, greetings Amanda.
  5. Thank you for telling us about attic24! I've never seen her blog before, but now I'm completely 'hooked'... Also the way Lucy looks at everyday things: flowers, nature, everything around her, so inspirational! Seems there is so much more beauty around us that hardly gets noticed... Amanda.
  6. Hi everybody, I've made this afghan a while ago, but I still wanted to share it with you. It is a pattern from garnstudio. When I use a pattern I always change something: colours, hook size, but in this case the colours match so perfectly my taste: I decorated my home in similar colours. It was such a big hook, the blanket was done in no time! greetings Amanda
  7. Hello everybody, This is my second post. I made this from leftover yarn as a play rug for my daughter. Lots of the squares are melee, because I rolled different yarn together. For a long time it was an UFO because I didn't know how I make the squares together, either sewing or crocheting. Then I decided to crochet it toghether in single crochet with one colour. Tell me what you think! Greetings, Amanda.
  8. Hi Kay, No problem! It's very nice to share something I like, with someone on the other side of the world! Please show me your blanket if you make it some time... Btw, if you sew the sheep on the blanket with green yarn, you don't see any stitches on the back. A woman of my Stitch 'n Bitch-group suggested it: it really works! My daughter Linde is now 5 weeks old, she's a gentle, quiet and happy baby, I feel so blessed. Also with my older daughter Hannah of course, she's four now, and she's such a little lady! Greetings, Amanda.
  9. Hello Kay, Here is the translation of the pattern, hope it's understandable, I discovered I didn't follow the pattern exactly, but as long as every sheep is the same it doesn't really matter, does it? I made the blanket with hook G and stripes in double crochet. Finished it with crab stitch on the edges in green. The pattern indicates 400 gr. of wool, 200 gr. green, 130 gr. blue, 70 gr. white, but I used a lot more blue. Here is the translation of the pattern for the sheep (with hook C) Popcornstitch: 3 x in same stitch: 1 loop (pull up high) and pull 7 loops in once. Chain 5, single crochet in 4th and 5th ch. from the hook (=first paw), chain 12, single crochet in 4th and 5th ch. from the hook (=second paw) Round 1: ch. 3, 1 popcorn stitch on the paw, 4 x (ch. 1, skip 1 stitch, 1 popcorn st.) end with 1 double crochet, the 5th popcorn is on the second paw. Round 2: ch. 3, 1 popcorn st. between first d.c. and popcorn st., 4 x (ch. 1, 1 popcorn between the 2 popcorn st.) end with ch. 1, 1 popcorn between the last popcorn ct. and d.c., ch. 1, 1 dc = 6 popcorn st. Round 3: same as round 2, 7 popc.st. Round 4: ch. 3, 1 popcorn st. between first and second popcorn st., 5 x (ch. 1, 1 popcorn st. between the next 2 popc. st.) 1 dc= 6 popc. st. For the head 2 sc on the side of the 4th, 3th and 2nd round, turn. Ch. 4, 2 dc. together (in ch. 4 from the hook and the first sc) 1 dc in the next sc, 1 hdc, 2 dc, 1 sc (=ear) 1 sc on the last 2 sc Round 5: ch 1, 5 popcorn st. between the 6 popcorn st. with ch 1 in between, 1 dc. For the tail: sc on the last dc and last st. on the 4th round, ch 7, 1 sc in the 7th ch from the hook, 3sc. The ears have to be sewn on the body as well as the tail. Make an eye with dark grey in cross st. I made 9 sheep and made them in turns look in the other direction.
  10. Hi afghaniac, Here is a link to the pattern. (It's an old Dutch magazine called Ariadne,from 1984, that I bought via internet.) http://www.xs4all.nl/~octus/schaapje/ The original pattern was in single crochet, but I made it in double crochet. It is in Dutch, I don't know where you're from, but I can translate it in English, if you want to. Greetings, Amanda
  11. Saturday 6 feb. my daughter Linde was born, she is now sleeping under her blanket! Thank you for all your nice comments! Amanda
  12. Hello everybody, This is my first post on the show and tell forum. I'm very curious what you think, because I love to watch all your beautiful projects. I made this baby blanket for my soon to be born daughter from a vintage dutch magazine pattern. The wool is merino extra soft and the sheep are kid mohair. I have to hand-wash it, but it's so soft and warm! Amanda.
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