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    I started when I was 10 years old
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    Toys and home decor. I love all kind small and fast crochet projects!
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  1. Cloudberry

    Horse fly bonnet

    I found horse fly bonnet with the ears here: http://horse-village.com/materiel/patures-et-ecuries/hebergement-du-cheval/article/bonnet-chasse-mouche-home-made Pattern is in French but lots of photos can help.I was never interested in horse fly bonnets before but this one is so cute that I want to make it for gift for my sister-in-law who is "horse addict" and has several horses!
  2. Cloudberry

    Horse fly bonnet

    There is one without the ears here: http://www.nordicmart.com/shopexd.asp?id=1126
  3. Cloudberry

    Mini Rib Hat

    It looks simple and so stylish! Thank you very much!
  4. Cloudberry

    One Skein Tunisian Scarf

    I like color and lovely texture of it!
  5. Try Free Online Amigurumi Pattern, you can use your parameters and the pattern will generated automatically:yay Full of fun!
  6. Cloudberry

    Coral-iscious 26" toddler doll

    Gorgeous outfit as always!
  7. Cloudberry

    Easy Diaper Cover Pattern

    Very pretty!
  8. Cloudberry

    Twinkle, Twinkle...18"baby

    It looks so definitly cool!!
  9. Cloudberry

    Groovy Girly Toddler Jacket/Vest (3T)

    It looks completely cute!
  10. Cloudberry

    Rudy the Reindeer

    He is definitely cutie!
  11. Wow! It is so cool! Absolutely adorable!
  12. Cloudberry

    Tiny Caterpillar Amigurumi

    Pretty little caterpillar !
  13. Cloudberry

    amigurimi help

    Cute bunny! If you want to make it in one piece, just crochet head completely and in next row (which will be a first row of the body) work two single crochet(sc) in every stich. So you will get 12 sc and work now following the pattern backwards. If you do not like floppy look( bunny on the photo seems quite floppy though:D) crochet tightly and stuff the neck more. If you use pipe cleaners, bend the ends of pipe cleaner over 1/2" so they aren't prickly. Pipe cleaner will not be out because when you stuff it will be fixed. Good luck!
  14. Cloudberry

    Versatile flower pattern

    It looks nice!
  15. Cloudberry

    Peter Pan's slippers

    So cute! Thank you very much for this pattern!