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    camping, love to read, crochet,gardening, embroidery, sewing
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    massage therapist
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    anything, crochet just relaxes me after a long day.
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  1. stormy my parents and hubby's mom live there in burlyworld. We got there a few times a year. We live in Ky but when I go home I surely do eat at Zacks, Skids and Boston sandwich shop...........mmmmmmmmmmm. Those are about the ONLY things that I miss about home. Where we live there aren't a lot of mom and pop places to eat and those are always the best!
  2. how about a cork board? For blocking my doilies I use a foam type board that I got in hobby lobby (somewhere) I think it was with teh framing stuff but not really sure.
  3. someone on here has made one that to me would be celtic. I can't remember the name of it but it was all swirlie and stuff. That just made me think whimsical and when I think Wicca I sometimes think that. Don't know why but go figure. Nikki Also how about hairpin lace?
  4. Mine and hubby's family all love in Burlie world. Small world we live in huh? We go there several times a year. Nikki
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