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    Mom to one son, grandma to three grandsons, love country music
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    crochet, plastic canvas, writing poetry, reading
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    disabled for two years
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    baby things,afghans, hats
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    since 2007
  1. I crochet right-handed. I eat, pour, and hit a baseball (well, used to, back in the day ) left-handed, but everything else I do right-handed.
  2. I became disabled in May 2007. It wasn't pleasant coz' there's a lot of pain, but at first I thought I could just read ( I have a gazillion books) and watch t.v.. I do plastic canvas too and I was doing that. After a while, I was bored with reading and plastic canvas, and puzzle books. I was SO bored, I felt like I would go nuts! So I bought one of those "crochet in a day" books. I already had yarn, and I figured if I couldn't learn, I wasn't really out anything, coz' I could use the yarn for plastic canvas. At first, I was discouraged coz' it just didn't seem to look right. But the more I
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