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  1. lynns

    Angry Bird

    love it!!! I am going to make it for my DS2
  2. very cool... I just sent the link to hubby for Christmas for me
  3. thank you so much, I want to make this for my father in law for his birthday along with gold club covers I have a pattern for... thanks again!!!
  4. I am looking for a pattern for a golf tee holder that looks like a tea bag. I know I saw one before and now I can't find it, can any one help me... Thank you
  5. This is such a fun link.... here are some of mine (Please forgive me if any are repeats) The Last of the Mohair "The Last of the Mohicans," Mothproof "Fireproof" Pattern in a Bottle "Message in a Bottle" Flannel Ghan "Flannel Pajamas" Endless Yarn "Endless Love" The Unfinished "The Unborn" Fillet "Fame" The Crocheters "The Producers" Little Yarn Shop of Horrors TV SHOWS Who wants to be a Stashbuster? One Stitch to Live
  6. beautiful, good luck at the fair
  7. lynns

    I taught my self to

    Charlotte, it was fun to learn, and the tutorial is great. good luck
  8. :hug :hug I agree with the others, take a break and go back to it. I highlite when I do patterns like that.. or you can take a black marker and cross out the parts of the pattern for the different sizes good luck and
  9. teapot, I am about 1 1/2 hours from Mary Maxim, I was there once...
  10. I taught my self to cro-hook I went to joann's to get a double hook, all they had were circular, which I bought since it was on sale for $4.99.... (Michales didn't have the doble ended hook either? I watched these two videos it was so funny as I was crocheting with the tutorial, the lady was going faster and I was telling her she was going to fast, slow down LOL My daughter is looking at me like I am crazy LOL it would be easier to use a double ended hook instead of circular.. I will have to check out Hobby Lobby next week... I was going to go today after my son's tutor session, but he decided to be sick today
  11. auntie Kelly, are you close to Michigan? if so can you cross the border and get yarn here in the states, Mary maxium is in Port Huron, MI
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