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  1. There are two that I use. One is on Penn south of 240, Carol's knitting studio and the second is a branch of SWAK. It is around 36th and Classen.Part of it depends what you are looking for and how much time you have. I will tell you that Carol's only takes cash and checks, no cards.
  2. My sil thinks that he NEEDS:yes a new pair of knitted socks every year for Christmas. Socks are my favorite thing to knit.
  3. I printed the pattern and will find the thread this weekend. Our quilt shop is having a sale. Maybe thread will call my name.
  4. All the patterns are pretty , it will be hard to choose. Would Silver Surf make it easy to tell where to change colors? From the picture it seems to divide itself.
  5. I have been thread looking and found that I will have to work at picking colors. THERE ARE TOO MANY! I think it is between greens and pinks. What about anyone else?
  6. I have seen some really pretty threads at the quilt shop and think that I am going to check into them.
  7. I have lost 7 lbs. this month. Mostly because I have been working on ufos instead of snacking at night.I cleaned out a corner of my stash and have a large pile be the chair that I am working on.Somethings only need to be seamed others have lots of work left to do and more in between. Would this be a fad diet? Whatever works!
  8. We are house hunting so I may find out exactly how many I have. I know that I have several but I choose to forget just how many. A friend of mine says she has PIGS (projects in grocery sacks). I know of 2 of those! lisa
  9. I am finishing up the third scarf. I just ran out of time.Hope to make more for next year. lisa
  10. I have my yarn all in a basket and hook is there too. I have to run into town in the morning before the ice hits but in the afternoon I will be in my chair!, yarn in hand lisa
  11. Count me in! I am a member of a lace quild and we make afgans for charity and I have not started any for this year. I could get get jpart of mine out of the way early .Now to get yarn and hook gathered up . lisa
  12. I ;have started one and finished one. Istill have 2 more to go unless I clean out another stash place and find treasures.
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