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  1. Welcome. Enjoy this fantistic site. The people here are just wonderful. A fellow New Jersey girl (Edison)
  2. This is a wonderful site . the people here are fantastic. Enjoy
  3. from a Central Jersey girl. This is a fantastic group. Enjoy!
  4. this is a fantastic group. Enjoy. From a Central Jersey girl.
  5. Hello from New Jersey. This is a great site. Enjoy.
  6. Very pretty sweater and hat. Yes, Yes, and Yes I'm interested in the pattern for both.
  7. Welcome:clap Enjoy this site it is just awesume. Greetings from Central Jersey and another Jersey girl:yay
  8. Welcome from another Jersey girl:cheer Central Jersey to be exact. Enjoy this site it is awesome.
  9. Welcome from another Jersey Girl. Love afghans too! This site is awesome, the people are so friendly and helful. Enjoy!
  10. Hi. Welcome. Oh you will be thrilled with this group of wonderful people.
  11. Welcome. Enjoy this forum, I do. So many patterns, so little time. You have a great Mom, go give her a big hug for starting you out with your own stash.
  12. Welcome Judy. This is a great place. You are going to love it here.
  13. WOW!! So pretty. Great job. Were did you get pattern? Please, pretty please
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