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    Addicted to writing, photography, cycling, backpacking, crocheting, knitting, designing, dyeing, natural dyeing, baking...
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    All of the above, plus embroidery, quilting, journaling, genealogy, gardening, baking, stairclimbing
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    dotting teas and crossing eyes
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    thread animals, snowflakes, embellishing clothing and quilts
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  1. https://www.snowcatcher.net/2018/05/cake-flake-monday.html?m=1
  2. Starting Cluster: Ch 2, [yo and draw up loop, yo and bring through 2 loops on hook] 2 times, yo and bring through all three loops on hook. A couple of months ago, Autumn and Emma from the Yahoo Sisters of the Snowflake group asked if I might consider designing an exclusive snowflake for the group. That got me started thinking I probably ought to do exclusive snowflakes for the Crochetville and Ravelry snowflake groups, too. I've been trying to keep a Snowflake Along thread alive here in the CAL category, and I'd like to see it keep going, even if the group isn't extremely active outside
  3. I've published my personal modifications and tips for using the Step by Step crocheted sock pattern by Amy O'Neill Houck.
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