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    Addicted to writing, photography, cycling, backpacking, crocheting, knitting, designing, dyeing, natural dyeing, baking...
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    All of the above, plus embroidery, quilting, journaling, genealogy, gardening, baking, stairclimbing
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    dotting teas and crossing eyes
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    thread animals, snowflakes, embellishing clothing and quilts
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  1. https://www.snowcatcher.net/2018/05/cake-flake-monday.html?m=1
  2. I haven't been able to log in for a long while, and I just realized I had not shared links to the afghans or hats I've created... Summer of Color Afghan Wiggle Flower Afghan Fjord Beanie Super Slouchy Slopestyle Hat
  3. Snowflake season is upon us once again! I've posted an exclusive pattern for Crochetville to help kick off the season! http://www.crochetville.com/community/topic/148900-village-snowflake/
  4. Starting Cluster: Ch 2, [yo and draw up loop, yo and bring through 2 loops on hook] 2 times, yo and bring through all three loops on hook. A couple of months ago, Autumn and Emma from the Yahoo Sisters of the Snowflake group asked if I might consider designing an exclusive snowflake for the group. That got me started thinking I probably ought to do exclusive snowflakes for the Crochetville and Ravelry snowflake groups, too. I've been trying to keep a Snowflake Along thread alive here in the CAL category, and I'd like to see it keep going, even if the group isn't extremely active outside
  5. Thank you, everyone, for keeping this SAL alive while I was unable to keep up electronically! I love the snowflake photos that have been shared. Great job duplicating your swap flakes, Apak! I love snowflakes in color, MarshaRice! Special place in my heart for pink snowflakes. I vowed not to make a snowflake for a whole week after my blitz/blizzard througout January through the first week of February. Now I'm ready to make another after seven straight days of no snowflakes. (Gotta be a record in there somewhere!) Snow is coming down right now in Denver but not sticking. Adds t
  6. Welcome to 2013! May this year be better than last! This Snowflake CAL was born about five years ago, and the goal is to make at least one snowflake every Monday (or whatever day of the week is best for you), with the goal of 52 snowflakes by Christmas, more than enough to decorate your tree with plenty leftover to gift. All participants are welcome and encouraged to post links to their own patterns and/or pictures throughout the year to keep us all enthused and motivated. Please help keep this thread alive by sharing your work!Snowflakes make us drool! Throughout the years, parti
  7. Those are awesome! What a brilliant idea to make matching fingerless gloves and a cell phone cover!
  8. The Connecticut PTSA says they have a semi truckload full of snowflakes. WOW!!! They have enough snowflakes. Read more here. Please send any snowflakes you are still making for this effort to your own elementary school. Thank you for making this possible!
  9. Thank you for all your wonderful snowflakes for Newton. The Connecticut PTSA says they have a semi truckload full. (WOW!!!) They have enough snowflakes. Read more here. Please send any snowflakes you are making now to your own elementary school. Thank you for helping make this possible!
  10. Happy November! I apologize for not keeping this thread active the last few months. It's been a wild and crazy year. But now it's time to get serious about snowflakes for this year's tree and for gifts, too. I'm hoping to make at least one snowflake for several family members and friends who appreciate handmade gifts, having learned the hard way some people think presents must come with a brand name and a hefty price tag. What about you? Do you have some crocheting in your gift list???
  11. Congrats on finishing your first thread snowflake! It turned out beautiful! I hope you will have many more to share!
  12. Mrs. Micawber and I each designed a hat in honor of those facing battles with cancer, an informal hat drive, and we hope many will jump on board to make a hat for charity this month. Curly Q Hat A Hat for a Cause
  13. Cara, have you heard anything about the job yet? I've kept you in my prayers...
  14. Welcome, Pink Cat! I hope you enjoy it here, and I would love to see photos of your crosses and egg jackets. I made a few egg jackets about ten years ago while I was trying to teach my adopted special needs daughter to crochet, and she decided to make up a pattern of her own because that's what I did. What she came up with was the most odd-shaped contraption I've ever seen, but she certainly tried! Your egg jackets brought back a very fun memory. (Wish I had taken photos of it!) Thank you!
  15. Wow, you too?!? I just got my cast off, and I feel 100 pounds lighter! (although I'm not...) Ditto on the Valdani. I had used some for snowflakes, but this thread is far too luxurious to be stiffened. The range of colors in unbelievable. If you sign up for an account, you receive emails when colorways are discontinued, and that's usually a good deal, as my only problem with Valdani is that it's a bit pricey. But oh, so lovely!
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