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  1. HI Sophie! from Virginia! I have been to Montreal about 14 years ago when I was 15. I was a Girl Scout and our troop went to Niagara Falls, camping at a Girl Guide Camp in Morin Heights and then we stayed for a few days in the Girl Guide House in Montreal. That was an awesome trip, I want to come back and do it all over again one of these days. Enjoy your
  2. Awesome pattern! It reminds me of a ships wheel, especially the 1st pic. I think it would look great in a nautical-theme afghan! (Hey, fellow Yarn Pirates.....did you catch that???)
  3. :(I feel your "pain"! My Mom likes to say that I was raised in a zoo because of the menagerie of animals (both domesticated and wild) we had all the time. So I am very familiar with naughty pets, lol. The best thing I can recommend is patience, teaching and a lot of hiding your stuff. Good luck!!
  4. Arr! I be takin' shore leave, so all you scallywags better be takin' care 'o yer own injuries fer awhile. I'll be seein' ye in a couple weeks.
  5. That is such a cool idea!!! That would be a perfect and unique way to make the announcement! I bought a Father's Day card a few years ago and am holding it in a secret place in hopes that one of these days my hubby and I will have a family. We've been trying for 4 years! If the day ever comes I am going to sign the card "Love, Baby" and put it where he will find it 1st thing in the morning. But really I like your idea better.
  6. :rofl I LOVE this!!!! I even like her friends!!!!:tup
  7. LOL mclendon1, thank you....I think . I wasn't actually "thinking", that's just what came out of my mouth on autopilot. I'm actually surprised it wasn't a bit more "colorful" than that!!!! I know I was thinking it on the way home!!!!!
  8. :yayWell after a long snowy weekend I've gotten all of the DC squares done. I did a few other things for other projects as well. Time to take a break for a day or two on the squares though....if I see another one I may go postal!!!!!
  9. I LOVE this square! I just did one in Caron Simply Soft. It came out beautifully! In order to make the square 8 inches I used an "I" hook and added 2 more rounds after the optional 7th round. I qould like to see an afghan made up of these in different colors. That would be cool. TFS the pattern!!
  10. I have all of the sc squares done!!!!! I don't plan on doing more, either. They are SO ssslowww! Now onto other squares. I should have plenty of time with all of this snow we're getting.
  11. Thank you for the pattern! I just made one of these, it came out beautiful! My only problem is that it was only 6 1/4 inches when I was finished and I went UP 2 hook sizes!!!! :O
  12. Darn it to th' depths those 'o ye speakin' 'o flannelghans!!! Now me DH and BIL be wantin' one....... I see a lot 'o yarn in me future an' a walk of th' plank if I don't get to workin' on 'em! Off to th' infirmary with me to plan me attack on th' flannelghans
  13. I participated in the 2009 scarf project. If you look at the pic of the athletes on the bottom of the page in the link, those are the scarves everyone made for that. The colors were Delft Blue and White. It was a cool project. Thanks for posting this, I might have enough time to make a few for the 2010 Special Olympics.
  14. Update: I have two squares done for Mom's afghan I hope to be able to get out in the snow to the craft store tomorrow and get some baby yarn.
  15. Thank Ye kindly Cap'n Julie! Just send 'em on over and I'll stitch 'em up between rows. I be thinkin' on using the colors of the Caribbean for my 'ghan. Turquoise, sand, an' sunset colors. The recipient 'o this 'ghan will likely be me goddaughter. She's 8 and needs something to warm her bones on the windy seas. Oh, and warn the crow's nest to be on 'th lookout for Cutthroat Island, I hear there be many shoals near there and many natives just waitin' on the next shipwreck to be plunderin'.
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