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  1. HI Sophie! from Virginia! I have been to Montreal about 14 years ago when I was 15. I was a Girl Scout and our troop went to Niagara Falls, camping at a Girl Guide Camp in Morin Heights and then we stayed for a few days in the Girl Guide House in Montreal. That was an awesome trip, I want to come back and do it all over again one of these days. Enjoy your
  2. Awesome pattern! It reminds me of a ships wheel, especially the 1st pic. I think it would look great in a nautical-theme afghan! (Hey, fellow Yarn Pirates.....did you catch that???)
  3. We have an answer to what it is!!! I didn't know if it was seconds, something new/old, etc. Good job!! As I said before, it looks and feels like Simply Soft, just in darker colors.
  4. :(I feel your "pain"! My Mom likes to say that I was raised in a zoo because of the menagerie of animals (both domesticated and wild) we had all the time. So I am very familiar with naughty pets, lol. The best thing I can recommend is patience, teaching and a lot of hiding your stuff. Good luck!!
  5. Arr! I be takin' shore leave, so all you scallywags better be takin' care 'o yer own injuries fer awhile. I'll be seein' ye in a couple weeks.
  6. That is such a cool idea!!! That would be a perfect and unique way to make the announcement! I bought a Father's Day card a few years ago and am holding it in a secret place in hopes that one of these days my hubby and I will have a family. We've been trying for 4 years! If the day ever comes I am going to sign the card "Love, Baby" and put it where he will find it 1st thing in the morning. But really I like your idea better.
  7. :rofl I LOVE this!!!! I even like her friends!!!!:tup
  8. LOL mclendon1, thank you....I think . I wasn't actually "thinking", that's just what came out of my mouth on autopilot. I'm actually surprised it wasn't a bit more "colorful" than that!!!! I know I was thinking it on the way home!!!!!
  9. Thanks harmonise, if you ever figure out what you're doing that we aren't I would love to know!!! I wonder if has anything to do with the type of hook? I only use Boye aluminum, what do you use?
  10. Wow...10 colors!! Our Dollar Tree only had 3 colors. A dark green, chocolate brown and off white. As for the yarn splitting, I have that issue with Simply Soft as well. I hate working with it sometimes because of that.
  11. :yayWell after a long snowy weekend I've gotten all of the DC squares done. I did a few other things for other projects as well. Time to take a break for a day or two on the squares though....if I see another one I may go postal!!!!!
  12. I LOVE this square! I just did one in Caron Simply Soft. It came out beautifully! In order to make the square 8 inches I used an "I" hook and added 2 more rounds after the optional 7th round. I qould like to see an afghan made up of these in different colors. That would be cool. TFS the pattern!!
  13. I was in Dollar Tree a few days ago and saw a yarn called Rhapsody by Caron. I have never seen it before. Is it something new? It looks and feels like Simply Soft, just in darker colors and a smaller skein than "normal" Simply Soft. This is sold in a 2oz. skein rather than the 6oz. I'm just curious about it.
  14. I have all of the sc squares done!!!!! I don't plan on doing more, either. They are SO ssslowww! Now onto other squares. I should have plenty of time with all of this snow we're getting.
  15. Thank you for the pattern! I just made one of these, it came out beautiful! My only problem is that it was only 6 1/4 inches when I was finished and I went UP 2 hook sizes!!!! :O
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