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  1. I am trying to find the pattern for an afghan I made back in 2006. It was in the Crochet-A-Day calendar and was called the "Peek-A-Boo" afghan. I've attached a picture of the one I made and of course I've now lost the pattern. Basically you would crochet across the row in one color, then go back to the beginning of the row, pick up the second color and crochet across with it. Once the two colors were at the end of the row you'd pick up the first color and go back across the row. It doesn't even have to be the same pattern, just something with a similar technique. Anyone? Thanks!
  2. Sakurasaku/Megumi, Your package arrived today and I am totally overwhelmed. Everything is SO beautiful and your crochet work is extraordinary! I sure wasn't expecting TWO scarves but thank you for both, I know I'm going to love wearing them. The soap is wonderful, I really, really like the scent. It's so fresh and clean. Now if my cat would quit licking it everything would be fine. Thank you as well for the Moonpies and the lovely card. You truly outdid yourself! Thanks again!
  3. Renegade / Renee, Your scarf and a few other things went out Priority Mail today so hopefully you'll have it by Tuesday. I think Andy might have put something in there for Sam as well ...
  4. Sakkasie

    My amineko

    Leigh, Your kitty is so incredibly cute! I must make one too. Actually all of the projects on your blog are gorgeous. Can I ask you where you got the pattern for the Irish Hiking Scarf? And please please please tell me what yarn you used, I'm in LOVE with it.
  5. What a stunning doily! I'm in awe of your skill and love the colors you chose. Fantastic job!
  6. A very big welcome from Campbell, California!
  7. At my church they serve coffee, donuts and bagels PRIOR to the sermon. So we sit and eat our donuts and listen. Now that's what I call a GREAT church.
  8. Here's my version of the Crochet Dude's "Chic On The Halfshell Purse." I did mine in Plymouth Yarns "Fantasy Naturale" which is 100% cotton. The colors didn't come out quite right in the pic, they're more of a soft peach and yellow. Instead it looks like I crocheted the bag with Kraft's Pizza Cheese. Believe me, it's a lot prettier in person. Thanks Drew for designing such a fun and easy pattern!
  9. Yay I got a button! Thanks KnicKnac! Please e-mail me your address, my e-mail is Sakkasie@hotmail.com and I'll pop some yarn in the mail for you. I love it - it's soooo cute. How did you know I wanted a green background? Thanks again!
  10. KnicKnac from South Carolina, you're my first offer. Thanks so much!
  11. I am button-less. Yes, I know I could probably make my own but I would rather clear out some of my stash for a button. If anyone has any interest in helping poor little me out I would gladly send you some yarn. I absolutely love ladybugs so a button with one of those would be extra special. And the name of my blog, of course. The link to it is in my sig. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
  12. Bless your heart for making such beautiful blankets, I know they'll be greatly appreciated.
  13. Wow, I love that purse! I really need to sit down with my copy of the book and actually *look* at the patterns. Nice job!
  14. I love your hat, especially with the ribbon! I think you did a great job and you look ever so cute in it. (Cute is still a good thing, right? Or should I say stylin'?)
  15. The Lion Brand Newsletter for today has the CUTEST crocheted flower scarf. Oh my goodness, it's just darling! And it's done up in Microspun which is such a great yarn. Hmm ...
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