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  1. Pretty potholder. Thanks for sharing the pattern link! Barbara B.
  2. Very pretty potholders. That"s my #1 favorite potholder pattern! Barbara B.
  3. I just love anything with hearts. THANK YOU sooooo much for sharing your afghan and the pattern link! Your afghan is lovely. Very,very, pretty!! Barbara B.
  4. ADORABLE set! I love the patterns from "Just Crochet":hook
  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!! An heirloom for sure. Thank you for sharing your patterns with us.
  6. My oh my you've been busy! What a lovely wardrobe for the new baby!! Could you please share where you found the afghan pattern? Don't think I've seen that one before. Barbara
  7. Joni, It's from a Needlecraft Shop booklet "Special Moments Baby Layette" by Sue Childress(1992). I got it on ebay a few years ago, but still see them up for auction. Barbara
  8. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on the Special Moments baby ghan. Was very surprised to see this thread active again. I have been MIA due to some health issues....and to top it all off I broke my left foot and right ankle....needless to say, I couldn't do much, but did manage to get some crocheting done. The ghan works up quickly, but I did need to block it. I added some ribbon bows to the corners to dress it up a bit. Glad to be back! Barbara
  9. Lovely shawl! What a wonderful and loving thing to do:manyheart Barbara
  10. Beautiful!!!! The doily, the flowers, the ribbon, the trim, Beautiful!! And you designed it too?! WOW...did I already say BEAUTIFUL?!? Barbara
  11. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! Beautiful stitches!! Barbara
  12. babru

    The Blues

    Ohhhh, I really like that set, lots of style! Love the colors too:) Barbara
  13. babru


    Tiffany, WOW, I really like that!! Now I know what a panta is! Barbara
  14. Lovely baby items....what a wonderful thing you're doing:manyheart Barbara
  15. babru

    Worm & Ball

    How cute! Your grandson will have lots of fun with those....Great job Grandma!! Barbara
  16. Cuppy and his sweater are awsome!!!! Beautiful stitches:manyheart You did a wonderful job!! I bet all of his doggie friends are going to want one too!:dog Barbara
  17. Very pretty!! It looks sooo soft too:fluffy Barbara
  18. What a cute little poncho! Love the colors you chose....she's going to look adorable wearing it:tup Barbara
  19. Thank you Michelle. I've been going through my pattern booklets and giving some of the older patterns a try. This one works up pretty quick too. And yes, I too want to make everything!
  20. That set is nothing short of BEAUTIFUL!!!! I really like the edging you added to the round ripple....I usually just add a round of reverse sc on mine...but you have inspired me. for sharing the directions for your edging. As for the shell blanket, the directions say to turn after each round....but I didn't. I worked all the rounds on one side. It just seemed to work better for me. Barbara
  21. Lovely afghan:manyheart The white border really shows off the blue pattern stitch. Barbara
  22. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! You did a wonderful job! Barbara
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