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  1. since it is crochet you might try some of the cross stitch sites. periodically they put out new versions of graphing software for cross stitch and the old version gets attached to cross stitch magizines (future publishing does this as i have gotten one of these years ago when i actively cross stitched) most these programs are windows and i run mac now so don't have any active programs on my machine i have tried this one in a previous version and it does ok http://www.hobbyware.com/pm_downloads_trial.htm
  2. unfortunately where we keep him is a 2 hour drive away. planning on going down today or monday just to take more pictures and cuddle him a little. he is the bouncyiest boy and is strong for his size. he was 15.3 pounds when born and at 3 hours old i couldn't keep hold of him with all the bounce and want to go. will post more pics after the next trip down.
  3. i've been good and this is my prize http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3442/4076347124_6b78e8bc92_m.jpg this little guy was born 4th of nov abot 10 am (he actually is white, he rolled in the dirt while still wet) he looks like his dad been several places with yarn and so far only petted it. i am going to try to make it to Christmas
  4. i'm still going - i made my thirty days and then some so far - i haven't posted in a while cause i been getting ready for the show season (which is more dangerous than you could possibly imagine) we went to show this past weekend and lots of the breeders had farm displays with yarns for sale (and alpacas) i managed to keep my buying to roving for needlefelting , books and farm supplies (no alpacas)
  5. i haven't started the round ripple yet because of yarn but i may have some i my stash i can use for this. instead i have been "rewriting" a chemo cap pattern from worsted with a K hook to 2 ply sport with a F hook.(only frogged it twice so far) will start the ripple as soon as i get this cap finished.
  6. i went to a friends house this past weekend and she gave me a skein of yarn (alpaca 2 ply sport weight) to make a chemo cap for another of our friends who is losing her hair in handfuls. i have frogged it twice because i am "rewriting" a pattern done for 4 ply worsted. i so wanted to do it in ww to help me figure where i needed to be and what changes i needed to make but i have persevered. we went to the in-laws in texas this week so i was working on it there without my stash to get ww from. we did go in walmart (this one still has a fabric department) and petted the yarn but i bought none. ju
  7. i've decided to start with the round ripple i currently have on my desktop (pdf) i must wait till the 20th as i need yarn
  8. i was good yesterday. went to joann's hancock's and hobby lobby and i petted the yarn in all 3 places but didn't buy any (and i need some to finish a scarf i am doing) congrates Erin for making it to day 30!:cheer:cheer:hug
  9. Way to Go Mandii:cheer:cheer:cheer that is awfully brave to go in the store and fondle the yarn without buying any:clap:clap hope i can do as well today as i am going to the store to see if i can find the clover needlefelting tool to help me teach a physically challenged individual to needlefelt. in our JoAnns it is right across the aisle from the yarn. (and the other stores we may go to instead are just as dangerous, Hobby Lobby, Micheals, Hancocks and wal-mart) gotta go to wal-mart anyway as they are the cheapest grocery (and closest) around here and i need eggs and other stuff
  10. have you been looking in my mirror. i collect (several things) and never get a chance to do the new patterns so i will give this a go
  11. welcome Lynda all us yarn-a-holics welcome you Colleen i love the hat and you have a model who won't talk back and say things like "if you made it for her, why am i wearing it?" we went to the in-laws the last 2 days (5 hour drive there so we spent the night) the LYS where they live just recently expanded. it was just a weaving, spinning with yarn store. now they have added lots more yarn and tools and beads, needlework, and have 2 or 3 local artist in residence that help out. this is a good thing because weaving shops are so hard to find in around here and now i have a place i can find re
  12. got the pattern. this is an adorable set. will have to wait till i can get yarn but will work with stash yarn to try the pattern
  13. this is my first time in a monthly cal and it's a short list (but not all crochet) 1. wip - audio mystery cal - finish it and start another scarf on the same pattern (i love the motifs on this one) 2. learn to do a ripple afghan and finish 3. teach new crochet stitches to a friend who won't do more than half- double crochet 4. teach needle-felting to friend with CMT 5. teach spinning to same friend (#4)
  14. i use Homespun every now and then and do love it, but, it is nothing like real homespun. i haven't tried Vanna's Choice yet and won't for at least a month. Lion Brand yarns have been there when i need a yarn quick as finding any of the other brands of nicer yarn can be difficult.
  15. Catwalker Smith it is so hard to resist that yarn when DH makes it so tempting. to get to crochet again is a blessing and good luck with it :cheer:cheer for all who have made it this far. temptation came in the mail yesterday in the form of the KnitPics catalog. so i made myself a promise to only look at the patterns and hooks (don't knit very often so won't look much there).
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