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  1. Argh! Gauge is the bane of my existance too! I hardly ever make gauge right off the bat. The height may not be that much of a problem if the pattern states to work in inches rather than rows...even then I have done several tops ( pattern stated in rows) where I just measured as I went and all worked fine. The width, however, has to be right on so it will fit around you. If you are too wide try again with a smaller hook. If you don't mind doing some math, you can also adjust your starting chain based on your gauge. This can get a little dicey with pattern stitches but I have done it (and I am BAD at math!) successfully.
  2. Oh yes! So I took up knitting too. Now it is wonderful, when I get bored with a knitting project (they do take a lot longer!) I find crocheting new and exciting again. And vice versa:) I also took up jewelry making and I do that when nothing can make me happy.
  3. I highly recommend the "knot ugly shrug" from the Happy Hooker book. I wanted to start on some Xmas presents and I wanted to do make shrugs for my 3 teenage cousins...but nothing was appealing to me. Then I remembered the "knot ugly shrug". yay! It is so FAST! I started Thursday night and except for assembly and edging, I finished Saturday. This was while also working on a knitting project. The pattern is incredibly easy and really cute made up. I used Wool of the Andes in "hyacinth" for this one, the other 2 will be in black and brown WOTA. The only caveat: I made gauge BUT my measurements were coming out 2" smaller than the diagram so I made a "medium" instead of a small. It is still off a bit but blocking should do the trick. Of course my brain is churning out the idea of making it longer for me:lol
  4. Oh I LOVE, love, love bulldogs! English are my favorite but I also adore American Bulls, and Staffies. I have a 95 lb. long coated Rottweiler and he pretty much ignores me when I crochet and knit...until he thinks he deserves some lovin' then I'll get a huuuuuge paw on my knee:D and up he comes! But absolutely everything I make has these loooooong, fluffy black hairs crocheted/knit into them.
  5. I spend a lot of my off time taking care of my mom who has Alzheimers. That takes up most of my free time. Like Nikki, I am starting to knit so I have spending what down time I do have on that. I am really loving it, but it does progress slowly. Be that as it may I have 2 crochet WIPS going: the wavy stitch cardi form "Fab and Flirty crochet" and a basic shrug for one of my neices. Both of which I am doing at work.
  6. You read my mind! I was thinking of a straight sleeve! I will give this a shot when I am on vacation next month (too WIPs now!) and let you know how it works.
  7. Hey everyone. I, like a few of you, made the Tahki/Stacy Charles lacy bell sleeved pullover and love it! I was dayreaming about making it as a cardigan...you know not joining it at the neck and going back and forth. Whaddayathink?
  8. I have to say I like knitted ones better too. My first knit project was a dishcloth in a 2 stitch check pattern and I absolutely love it. That said, I made a dishcloth using alternating sc/dc (granite stitch?) then trimmed it around with 2 rounds of sc. I LOVED that one! It camd out so pretty I gave it to one of my South African Aunties. Blue Sugar n Cream it was. This year I plan on doing dish cloth/dish towel sets in a 4 stitch check knit pattern for Xmas gifts.
  9. The ONLY wearable I got right the first time was the bell sleeve lacy pullover from the Tahki/Stacy Charles booklet! I lost count how many times I frogged "Stacy" from "Cool crochet" before I got the result I was looking for ( I had to modify the pattern). Even a darn scarf! Easy-peasy scarf I was making for my SIL I had to frog 'cause I missed a stitch. Knitting is worse! I am working on a sweater I frogged 4 times! But, I look at each mistake, each frogging session as a lesson and know i will be a better crafter for it.
  10. Not yet, I use disposable cameras! The thing is, I found this pattern to be easy in the directions were very easy to understand. It was a little tedious but it worked up in less than a week!
  11. Sat. nite my best friend and I took our moms to a very nice restaurant for Mothers Day. I wore the Tahki/Stacy Chales lacy pullover. Well, my friend's mom Edie could not believe I made it and kept saying so all evening...I guess the people at the next table overheard her because one of the gentlemen came over and asked me if I had a business 'cause he would like a top for his wife! I told him I do it for recreation only but thank you for the compliment!
  12. I second it! I have it and there are several projects in it I want to do! The spring Tahki/Stacy Charles pattern booklet is awesome too!
  13. Donna Kooler's "Encyclopedia of crochet" is awesome! I love "SNB" too! For patterns the spring Tahki/Satcy Charles boolet is amazing! I have already made 2 items in it and am working on a third. The directions are clear and easy to understand and the styles are beautiful!
  14. The first item I made from a pattern was the "posh poncho". I was too inexperienced at the time to understand the logic behind the pattern so I frogged numerous times. When the "AHA" moment came it was wonderful and I now have an awesome summer poncho to wear over tanks. My first sweater was "Stacy" from "Cool Crochet" . It was utter misery 'cause I cannot make gauge on any of the patterns in that book! Now I know how to adjust for that and I have 3 awesome versions of "Stacy" one as written and two I modified.
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