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    I am happily married with one fantastic little boy.
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    I love to crochet, especially in the colder months, enjoy being outside with my family
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    Stay at home mom :)
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    anything! love a challenge
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  1. Love this, very nice!
  2. Very good idea, and you are right, I think a one size fits all would be a good way to go, and we can get them done and sent out to them faster rather having to size them all. I may throw in a few newborn ones though.
  3. I work in a nursing home and have bags upon bags of yarn some of the residents have given me. It is all in very good shape even though most of it is old, it is clean and does not smell. I have not really done much with it because there is not many skeins of one color. I have skeins of this and that. Hats and scarves would be perfect and the ladies in the home would love to hear what I am using it for! I may have read over it but do you have a deadline when you are wanting these. I would love to help!
  4. I love this! I am making some doll clothes for the daycare I work at. The girls would love something like this to keep their babies warm. I especially love the colors you used! Thank you for sharing.
  5. Oh you are a life saver! I have already put some time into this and would have been bummed if I could not have finished it. Thank you so much!
  6. I am in desperate need of a little help understanding this pattern. The pattern is Lace Edge Shawl off of crochetpatterncentral. I am doing this for my halloween costume which is in 2 days and cannot figure out the edging. What is a HSK stitch and how do you do it? Also am not sure what the SK stitch is, may have to actually read the pattern to understand what I am talking about. I work in a daycare and am going as "the good witch", I really need this shawl for the costume and am all the way finished except for the edging. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
  7. It means you will dc in the 1st st, then dc in the next and in the next for a total of 3 dc. The ( ) will all be done in the ch-3 sp, then 1 dc in each of next 4 for a total of 4 dc. Hope this helps
  8. ericalynn

    Doggie Duo

    Very nice! So cute, you did a great job!
  9. This is just beautiful! The colors are amazing together. Very nice!
  10. ericalynn

    Loose ends

    Was wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks for weaving in the ends of your projects. I always weave the loose end through a few stitches then back again, but I always seem to have some that unravels I gift about 90% of my work and hate to think they have the ends dangling. I am self taught and nobody in my family crochets too much, so any advice is greatly appreciated
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