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    Crocheting, Friends
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    Full time student @ Montclair State University, hoping to teach elementary school.
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    Blankets, I have complete 3 since the summer.
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    Just started this summer (2005)
  1. It's 60x72 (inches) I was going to make it 60x80 but I completely ran out of steam. I used Red Heart Designer Sport for the colors and I used Caron Simply Soft for the white (only because they didn't have a nice white in the designer sport). I started it sometime in October. I felt like this took forever, usually I'm really fast with blankets, but this was a lot of sewing.
  2. It's big too. I love it. I made it for the little girl I babysit for.
  3. Yay! I'm finished! I put it on Ebay. Hopefully someone will buy it because I need some money LOL
  4. Here it is so far I have a lot more work to do LOL Thanks for the help!
  5. Here it is so far this is what I'm thinking for a border
  6. Thanks! I have 16 more squares done and my hands are completely numb! I'm gonna push through it and try to finish soon LOL.
  7. Thanks everyone. I'm going to try to finish it this week. I used to crochet so much, but I have been having back pain so I have almost completely stopped. I think I have only completed one blanket in a year, which is odd for me becaue when I started I think I did 15 in a year. I did get inspiration from the Babette (sp?), I have done two of them. I figured for this one I would use all of my left over yarn and do the same size squares and see how it would come out. Hopefully I do get it finished though. I would like to finish up a couple of others I have started.
  8. That is awesome!! Can I have the pattern?
  9. I started this in September, I haven't had much time to do it, but here it is so far. I'm doing 6 round squares and then finishing them with a single crocheted border of teal. Then I make a row of 8 and before I join them I crochet different colored rows between. I thought it would be interesting looking. I'm not sure how I like it though. What do you think? Thanks!
  10. I started this in March right after I painted my room and I really haven't been into crocheting since. I don't know why either. Well I finished it the other day. I really only had to sew it together. I can't believe I left it for that long. Sorry about the bad picture, my room is a complete mess.
  11. I don't know why either. I have time... I started a blanket in March and I haven't finished it yet and it is SOO close to being done! Hopefully I'll get some inspiration soon.
  12. There were 25 kids. I started them right after Thanksgiving and my last day was Dec. 22nd...so I had a lot of work to do. I don't like bears very much anymore LOL
  13. Thanks, I forgot to mention that it was my last day! I miss them!
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