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  1. I'm planning to make a "bedspread" for my daughter's bed and was wanting to use a hexagon motif like This One. I'm thinking of doing it in a lot of pretty girly colors then I plan to make a small flower and sew onto the middle of each hexagon (right side only of course). Unfortunately the one pictured is at my mother in law's house over 2 hours away and I know I won't be at her house again for at least another month or 2 and she knows nothing about crochet. I know if I had it in my hands I could figure it out but I don't have that opportunity. This is the only picture I have with any amount of
  2. ok, got it now. I thought I was supposed to go all the way around doing the ch 5 loops and then do the ch 2 dc thing after completing 12 loops. Thanks ladies.
  3. http://www.piece-by-piece.net/Crochet/mesh_beret.htm I want to make the above beret but I don't fully understand the instruction line "end by joining with ch 2, dc at base of beg ch-5" It's supposed to be done from rounds 2-14. I'm sure it's probably pretty simple just not explained well in the instructions.
  4. This happened just last night. The person my family and I are staying with for a few months had a couple and their 3 year old daughter over last night for a little cookout. My daughter and their daughter were playing together inside while the group of adults tended to stay outside since they're all smokers. Usually when there is some kind of get-together with friends, I end up staying inside because I don't smoke and I hate when children are left unattended. This night I chose to hang out with the adults and just come in and check on the girls. My husband says that by me staying inside peo
  5. I'm currently making a hat using the classic granny square 3dc "cluster" http://www.purlbee.com/storage/gran3.jpg Can I change out that kind of cluster for the one done in THIS AFGHAN without a change otherwise in the pattern?
  6. As an adult with ADHD, I need to do something to keep myself from daydreaming. I always have something else going on than just the "task" at hand. I often listen to an mp3 player while cleaning the house because I am less distracted. I have a hard time staying still and if I do stay seated for more than a few minutes I go into la-la land or start to doze. I haven't gone to church in years because we moved away from the one I grew up at who understood and would allow me to sit at the back of the church and get up and pace (quietly) behind the back pew if I felt I had to. Had I known how to croc
  7. I actually did this once but not to actual church service but to VBS with my daughter (I chose to stay because she wasn't comfortable being left) We were guests of my landlord so I hadn't been to this church before but I thought I was just gonna be sitting there waiting for it to be over so I may as well do something. Some of the adults thought it was cool and commented on what I was making but some people looked like they were disgusted by it. Like the other said I think it depends on the church. The churches I grew up at wouldn't have had a problem but where I've moved to now, they seem a li
  8. Today while at Walmart I went in the craft section to pick up some embroidery floss to fix a button on my new jacket. They didn't have any so I decided to check the crochet thread to see if they had some in the color I needed in the same thickness. No again. However I saw this beautiful burgundy thread and decided I had to have. I got home and realized I have no idea what I'm going to make out of it. There's not anything special about it. It's just normal size 10 cotton thread in a normal burgundy color. I think I might make something for Christmas. Get a early start on making decoration since
  9. I'm in Raleigh almost into Cary. I would really love to be able to meet with other crocheters.
  10. I have a plastic hook that doesn't have a size on it. I think it's an 8 mm but I don't know for sure. Wear would I measure it at to know?
  11. I've posted in another place on the board about a hat I'm getting ready to make for my first paying customer. I am going to make this hat with a slight modification to make it slouchier. The other post was about finding a substitute yarn to use. Anyways, I was looking at the price for the yarn in the project, for 4 things (the pattern only needs 3 but due to my modification I want 4 to make sure I have enough) we are talking $16. I don't even know what I would charge for my work. I've already explained to him that the materials will cost around $16 depending on what yarn I end up using. He und
  12. I'm about to have my first paying customer. I am using a Drops pattern which of course calls for a Drops yarn, This specifically calls for Eskimo I can't use this yarn for a few reasons, I need the yarn this week, I don't have a credit card to order things from the web, they don't have the color he wants. I need a yarn that I can find in Micheal's. He wants something green and black variegated. I'm not sure how my luck will be at finding the right color in the right yarnweight so I'm thinking about doublestranding it with 2 thinner yarns that will equal the bulky yarn. I just don't know wh
  13. The guidance counselor at my daughter's school wants me to make him a hat. I love the pattern on Drops but I want to just get some yarn from Micheal's as I don't like buying things online plus I'd want to feel the yarn before I bought it. Here's info on the Drops Eskimo yarn. I don't know if he'll still want the hat to be wool so I'd like suggestions for different fibers of yarn.
  14. I like that idea. My mom's "signature" was a painted Christmas ornament to everyone every year. She would have a theme for each year but each one would still be different. One year she'd do a santa for everyone, the next it'd be snowmen.
  15. WOW that's a lot of yarn. I've never seen postings for even close to that amount. Usually it's a small grocery bag full.
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