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    I'm a pretty awesome person. I like to help people out when I can. I love to crochet. Just starting!
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    Lehigh Acres, Florida
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    Video games, computers, crochet, being creative, video games. ;)
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    Comcast Technical, repair, and customer relations. My customers LOVE me.
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    Since August, 2009.
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  1. Hello there. My name is Alyse. I've been crocheting for a whole month now. I'm working on an afghan with the shape of a pixellized Captain Olimar on it. The "pixels" are just 6" granny squares I'm making. It's going to be a bit big though. Captain Olimar is from the video game Pikmin. My fiance loves that game so this is going to be for him. I have no clue what we're going to do with it. There's no way I'll let this tacky thing be a decoration in my house... well, maybe the guest bedroom. I'm also working on making a few catnip toys from the Mouse Amigurumi pattern that is posted on here. That's how I found out about these forums. So far, I've just made lopsided ovals. No mice yet. The cats don't care though. They play with them just the same. I'll get the hang of Amigurumi soon. I love all the adorable things you can make with it. I speak a little Japanese, and I'm still studying the language. If anyone that uses these forums speaks Japanese, feel free to PM me and we can chat in Japanese to help me out. ありがとう! (Thanks) Well, that's it for my introduction I guess.
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