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  1. Thanks, will do the longer tails....I did that in the past, but when I changed colors, it often showed and popped out as well. I ususally keep or send with (if its a gift) a small ziplock of extra yarn for minor repairs. This Caron soft has been a disappointment though. any suggestions for something soft AND durable? Thanks again...
  2. Hi, thanks for your quick responses.....I spent the better part of this afternoon fixing the blanket again: And that is what prompted my post here. Im sort of relieved it wasn't 'just me' having problems. My daughter even questioned "..why do people make these blankets if they just keep coming undone?"...I told her I'd do another out of 'regular' yarn this time to prove they do last! The glue idea is a good one--Ill go get some for the next repair session. As to the ends that I wove in--some were longer than others. I think anywhere from 1-2+ inches after the knot/end stitch. I was glad that I left longer tails on some that I had to reverse-engineer back together--so there was enough to restitch. Some that I re-did today, I tried splitting the already split 4 ply..and pulling 1/2 thru a nearby stitch and then making a couple of tiny knots to further anchor things. So, we will see if that helps. It's such pretty colors--just a bit frazzled looking (made by slightly frazzled Grandma's LOL ).....I thought the idea was good, as then the blanket was from BOTH Grandma's...just like our granddaughter is a reflection of both sides of the family. Thank you again for the re-assurance. Now I will put aside a bit more of the yarn for repairs, and toss the rest. Don't want to work so hard to just ravel later.
  3. Hello fellow crocheters.... Have a question about granny square baby blanket. As a gift for our first grandchild my co-Grandma and I made squares of lovely multi colors out of Caron Simply Soft yarn. We each did our own squares with the same selection of colors and then joined them to make ONE blanket from both Grandma's...it looked lovely!! Now it's about 18 monthes later....and grandbaby loves blanket...but when it has been laundered ( only a few times and done in a net bag to guard it) the yarn is sooooo soft, our stitches are coming un-done!! I have had to fix/re do centers, 2nd or third rounds on several squares and in some of the joining yarn where we 'made' it into a blanket. It does not seem to matter if its a square that I made or one by the other Grandma --so I cannot really 'blame' workmanship. We have both made blankets and afghans over the years, so though Im not an 'advanced' crocheter (who makes complicated clothing and stuff) , I'm pretty good with granny squares and afghans, and so is she. This yarn just doesn't want to hold a knot, or end stitch! It is so frustrating....and I find the ends after my original tie off/knots where I had woven them in to hide them, are raveling and splitting into the 4 strands and slipping out. Has anyone else had anything like this happen? The yarn makes up comfy/soft, and I would've liked to made something else with the left over colors...but I am afraid it just won't hold. If you know of anything I could do differently--much appreciated.
  4. Thanks so much ladies....I will look into those...YAY! I knew someone here would know... Thanks muchly!
  5. Hi all....was recently at a Knit & crochet gathering and a lady was making baby hats to donate. She was knitting ( I crochet) and as she worked with what looked like hombre yarn it made a simple pattern of recognizable flowers in the hat...very cool. She said it was yarn made to do that ( make a design) --not a special hat pattern or changing yarns....I was not able to ask her what the name was or whose (redheart or lion or?). Does anyone know what this is called? Heading to town and craft store soon and want to add some to the hats Im doing to donate too. Thanks for your information!
  6. Thanks so much for the information....I will do the swatch gauge and see. And the links to the other patterns are GREAT!! Thanks to all for sharing....it's so nice to be able to come here to get some information.
  7. Hi...I am making up a few baby/toddler hats...one is a brimmed one not just a baby skull cap type. The patterns calls for light weight (3) yarn....I have only (4) regular worsted weight. One is white yarn that I have used for a soft baby blanket...it feels soft and thin enough for a hat to me... So, I am wondering if I need to adjust anything because of the difference in yarn. I am guessing I could just try one...but thought it better to ask before investing my time. It does not seem like it should be much different....the photos don't look like it is baby or fingering yarns...(those aren't a 3 are they?). Thanks for any help or suggestions....
  8. bumping my own old post here....just to see if any new folks from South O.C?
  9. Hi, Just checking to see if there is anyone in my area....might be able to meet locally on nice days and stitch? Thanks... cshellz:clap
  10. Hi, Im in south OC....Capo Valley. Where area are you in?
  11. Hi, sounds like a pretty project.... if you dont want the scallops on the other end, you might want to do the last row of shells, then do a final row of single/hdc/doubles that would make a straight edge....like filling in the hills and valleys--one in each stitch. Don't know if this is "right", but I had done this once...it is a bit tricky, but I got it to work: then did a row of single crochet all the way around in one single line (all four sides) as a finish . It helped the sides and top/bottom keep shape. Hope you will post a picture so we can see how your work turns out! good wishes, Cshellz
  12. Hi PoukieBear...that is sooooo cute! Just my 2cents here, but if I did not want to see the yarn outline on the backside, I think I would use the blue yarn, and carefully make small stitches in the very edge of the star. Just thinking you could bury the yarn in between--and yet secure it well for little fingers and washings. Otherwise, might make another star and put one on each side and use the yellow yarn so it doesnt show.... Great work...let us know what you decide.... cshellz
  13. Hi...arrived here a bit late...but what I have done to do doll hair that I wanted curly in the past is: Get a couple of larger metal (aluminum) knitting needles (to scale of what curls you want or mix sizes). Take some acrylic yarn (must be acrylic!) and wrap securely and fairly tightly in a single layer the length of the needle and knot to secure. Leave about 1/2 to 1 inch of bare needle at each end. Pre heat your oven to about 200 degrees (lowest setting) or toaster oven will do also. Get a pan (I use like 13x9) and balance the needle ( bare ends) over the pan...do not let the yarn touch the pan--it will melt. I lightly mist the yarn or wet my hands and rub it in the yarn to wet it a bit. Put it in the oven for just a bit...like 5-10 min and check it. You want the needle to get hot (like a curling iron) and the yarn to dry on it. It is a trial and error thing. DO NOT LEAVE IT UN ATTENDED...DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE OR SOMETHING ! IT WILL MELT AND SMELL BAD IF YOU GOOF UP.... that said, you check and when you think its been in long enough to get hot/set then remove the whole pan and let it cool off before you remove it from the needles. (Im impatient, and set a fan on it). If you take off the needle too soon (before it is set) it will change shape. When you remove it--You'll have corkscrew curls ! you can even get them a bit wet and they stay. Its b/c you have heat set them. I have anchored the hair as said above (like rug hooking each piece) thru for the head and used the curly stuff in addition to straight pieces for bangs, edge curls or whatever: Or do the whole head in curls and cut whatever length you like. One note about the yarn, Ive used all kinds of acrylic--even the 'fuzzy-er' kind which can look more 'natural' (do not use the eyelash kind tho) and I found if you used red (which I did) if it gets too hot parts get a bit orange/yellow: So be careful as color may change. In my experience--just added some interest to the color, but just sayin'. It works...done it many times...enjoy!
  14. I don't know where you got the pattern from...I have a couple of Vanna's books myself. But maybe if you contact the source they can tell you of errors and corrections? Good luck..
  15. cshellz58

    Bamboo yarn

    Maybe contact Bernat? Or check their site for recommendations for patterns for that particular yarn? I think that I might try to call them and talk to customer service--not as a 'complaint' so much as to ask for advise and if they say that it IS good for what your Mom made you you might give your input as to why it is NOT a good choice. They might be able to help and send you some coupons in the bargain....many big companies rely on feedback from actual users. Good luck!
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