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  1. I am almost finished with a lap sized Vintage Vertical Stripe afghan for a friend. Three more rows and a border to go.
  2. Hi cindra- Yes I was posting to you- it's been awhile since I've been on Crochetville and I have to learn all the posting tricks again. So much has changed. Thanks for your reply and congrats on such a beautiful afghan!
  3. That is absolutely gorgeous! Do you mind me asking what are the dimensions? Thanks! Lorraine
  4. I am sorry but the book is no longer available. I am very sad but my son ripped out some pages and ruined it. I apologize for any inconvenience.
  5. $10.00 (includes media mail shipping) Continental US only - thank you Paypal preferred 200 Crochet Blocks, for blankets, throws and afghans Jan Eaton paperback Lightly used, no markings in book. Full color illustrations of each block. Thanks for looking! Lorraine in NJ
  6. I made my own once - it was a "patternless" class that I took at a little shop. The girls were making sweaters, I used the same ideas to make a dress for my daughter. One thing to consider- I used a thicker pearl cotton and it worked up beautifully.
  7. That is extremely interesting. The border looks pretty cool too!
  8. LadiBug329 Where can I get a copy of Rose Reds 12 point ripple pattern? Thanks! Lorraine
  9. I have a couple of afghan WIP's that I need to get going on so I would love to join you here! VVS Lapghan - a little more than half done Granny Square Lapghan- needs to be assembled I'll come back if I find more!
  10. For Sale - Small HearthSong Beading Loom - $10.00 plus $5.00 shipping (estimate- if shipping is less, I will refund the difference.) Like new - comes in original box with all hardware pictured and instructions. Overall length of loom just less than 12 inches. I WILL include all the beads I have and two beading needles. Note- the loom will not have a work in progress on it, nor will it have beading on the blue ribbon or the green bag. PayPal preferred. Lorraine
  11. I used to put them under lamps to protect the furniture but have since removed a few. The ones that I still have out are on my dresser and if I bring a cup of coffee or tea into the bedroom, I put it there also to protect the furniture.
  12. Is there a Crocheted Snowflake CAL? Either past or for 2012? Thanks! I just got a book out of the library.
  13. One of my Facebook friends started watching it on Netflix about 3 weeks ago. She loves it!
  14. An oldie but good for a laugh. Listen at the end.
  15. Message returned This sale is pending. Will change status when sale is complete.
  16. I have a buyer. As soon as payment is received I will mark it sold. Thank you for looking! For Sale Crochet Jackets, Wraps & More. Edited by Carol Alexander ISBN: 978-1-59217-153-8 Hardcover- New condition $3.00 I can email you a picture. Media Mail from 08867 Payment by Paypal. I can ship Tuesday (after the holiday weekend - kids are home)
  17. For Sale- 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns - Jan Eaton Paperback with slipcover. In very good condition. ISBN# 0-89689-276-X I can email you a picture. Price- $9.99 Shipped Media Mail- $2.50 Payment by Paypal. I can ship Tuesday (after the holiday weekend - kids are home)
  18. Thank you for your kind words girls! Yes, things are better we've resolved some issues. I challanged myself to declutter 5 items a day in 2011. So far I've gotten rid of 55 items! (I take one day off a week). I have about 5 friends on Facebook doing the same thing! Well- I went to the garage to declutter out there and my husband was all worked up about it. One thing let to another and we had a big argument. That was Thursday. Today was better. I have one slipper done and I will post the picture tomorrow.
  19. Rene- Your projects are beautiful!
  20. I've been working on the sock toe. Should be able to finish one today. It's been a rough couple of days between me and my husband. At night I just want to sit and watch tv, and not have to think. : (
  21. I started today! I had to take my daughter to her figure skating lesson early this morning and had some time to sit in the car. So I found a nice sunny spot and looked through a WIP that I brought along. Crocheted socks that I had a problem with. I had finally decided to use the afterthought heel with them but never did do much about it. So I looked, I read and I started adding a few rounds to an ankle. Later I will have to try them on and see if I'm on the right track. Hopefully I can add some rounds tonight! Looks like my January project and I'm really happy to get going on them again. Pictures tomorrow!
  22. Add me please- I'm ready to finish some of these projects that have been hanging around I'll work on my list tonight and get started tomorrow! Lorraine in NJ
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