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  1. I am almost finished with a lap sized Vintage Vertical Stripe afghan for a friend. Three more rows and a border to go.
  2. Hi cindra- Yes I was posting to you- it's been awhile since I've been on Crochetville and I have to learn all the posting tricks again. So much has changed. Thanks for your reply and congrats on such a beautiful afghan!
  3. That is absolutely gorgeous! Do you mind me asking what are the dimensions? Thanks! Lorraine
  4. I made my own once - it was a "patternless" class that I took at a little shop. The girls were making sweaters, I used the same ideas to make a dress for my daughter. One thing to consider- I used a thicker pearl cotton and it worked up beautifully.
  5. That is extremely interesting. The border looks pretty cool too!
  6. LadiBug329 Where can I get a copy of Rose Reds 12 point ripple pattern? Thanks! Lorraine
  7. I have a couple of afghan WIP's that I need to get going on so I would love to join you here! VVS Lapghan - a little more than half done Granny Square Lapghan- needs to be assembled I'll come back if I find more!
  8. I used to put them under lamps to protect the furniture but have since removed a few. The ones that I still have out are on my dresser and if I bring a cup of coffee or tea into the bedroom, I put it there also to protect the furniture.
  9. Is there a Crocheted Snowflake CAL? Either past or for 2012? Thanks! I just got a book out of the library.
  10. One of my Facebook friends started watching it on Netflix about 3 weeks ago. She loves it!
  11. An oldie but good for a laugh. Listen at the end.
  12. Thank you for your kind words girls! Yes, things are better we've resolved some issues. I challanged myself to declutter 5 items a day in 2011. So far I've gotten rid of 55 items! (I take one day off a week). I have about 5 friends on Facebook doing the same thing! Well- I went to the garage to declutter out there and my husband was all worked up about it. One thing let to another and we had a big argument. That was Thursday. Today was better. I have one slipper done and I will post the picture tomorrow.
  13. Rene- Your projects are beautiful!
  14. I've been working on the sock toe. Should be able to finish one today. It's been a rough couple of days between me and my husband. At night I just want to sit and watch tv, and not have to think. : (
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