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    I've been crocheting for years, and I really love it!
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    crochet, reading, Irish dance, HTML, Spanish
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    less repetitive, complex patterns, like socks; and mostly useful things
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    since about 3rd grade
  1. I've been learning some knitting over the last several years, and I'm still trying to figure something out. How do you cast on and not make it too tight for the rest of the project? I'm planning to make a Jayne Hat for the ravelympics. I've never had good luck with hats in the past, and I'm worried this time that I won't be able to get the edge around my head when it's done. Is there some different kind of cast-on or a technique that helps the edge to stretch with the ribbing? And is there a way to make the edge look nice? Thanks for your help!
  2. chenille4

    Sock KAL

    I just re-noticed this thread and remembered that I had posted over a year ago. In that copious amount of time, I've finished the one sock I wanted to do, as well as another pair. So I thought I'd post the photos... WAY too late.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm working on this Christmas tree skirt way in advance... and was wondering if anyone had made one before or could give me some suggestions. It's made with Red Heart Super Saver, and I'm really worried about the pine needles sticking to or in the finished project and being impossible to get out. Does anyone have experience with this? Will it be a problem? Or is there anything I can treat it with to protect my work? Thanks for your help and brilliant suggestions! EDIT: I tried to post the pic from the linked-to page, but it wouldn't show. Click the link to see it.
  4. Hey all, I've had terrible luck with hats in the past, but I want to try again. The last time I tried, it wouldn't fit anyone cause it was too small, but I'm afraid of making it too loose to actually keep me warm. (oh, I'm talking about a winter cap) So my question of you is twofold... -I measured around my head from the neck to the forehead. Is this the right way to measure? -And, is it better to err on the side of snugness or baginess? Oh, and any other advice wouldn't go unwanted, unloved, and homeless either. Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much for the run-down. Sounds simple enough. Just need to measure and go shopping!
  6. Here's the idea... We were at the mall, and my friend fell in love with this $100 sweater. If all this yarn nonsense has done anything to me, it's ruined my shopping experience. I keep saying, "Oh, I could make that!" And I want to try. New challenges and new horizons! I think I want to try to knit the top part, then crochet the bottom part. I know I can figure the crochet out fine. But I've only been knitting for two years. The point: Have any suggestions for a pattern I can use for the top half? Or, more likely, how I can modify a bolero pattern to my needs? Thanks for your help! -Rebekah
  7. chenille4

    zune case?

    I don't know if anyone can help. I've been looking for a pattern for a case for my new zune. The product is so new that I can't find anything online. I don't know if anyone can help. Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  8. Yeah, my mom said she heard that you can knit without looking, but that it's harder to crochet without looking. I've found that to be the case. My theory is that it's easier with knitting because you always know exactly where the next stitch goes - right there on the needle, but you have to look to find your place in crochet. Of course, a lot of it had to do with our cavewoman ancestors learning to multitask!
  9. chenille4

    Sock KAL

    angie, what yarn is that? Is it the self-striping kind? cause I've wanted to try that... Very nice effect, though.
  10. chenille4

    Sock KAL

    Sorry it took me so long to post. Been busy with school and life... Here's a picture of my first sock. I used this pattern: http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer06/PATTuniversalsock.html Microspun yarn, size 8 needles (I think). I still need to get started on sock #2! Oh! and I wanted to use this smiley in the proper context:
  11. chenille4

    Sock KAL

    I'm in! I'm working on a pair now (have been for a while) I've got one done, but momentum has died since it left my needles. I can use the extra push here! (Oh, I can post pics soon too) -RCS
  12. I've been crocheting since 2nd grade I think, but just started knitting in November 2006. My friend and confirmation sponsor taught me for my 17th birthday, and I picked up almost everything beyond that first scarf online. Since then, I've made small projects like a little stuffed duck for my brother. I am currently working on a long-term sweater project from knitty.com (I'll have to post pics sometime) and a pair of socks in microspun (I finished one and will have to get my act together soon) There are so many project ideas floating in my head, but they will have to wait... I will always love crochet, but you have to admit that for many projects, knitting just has the texture that you need. Take socks for example. I'm so excited about this group, and I really look forward to getting some advice from all the friendly ladies who's craft advice I have come to trust so much. Here's to knitting! -RCS
  13. This was covered in the last crocheville podcast. Visit the thread here. Hope that helps. Any other questions and I'm sure we can help more. Good luck! -RCS
  14. I realized yesterday that I didn't have a purse that would go with my Easter dress. What's a crocheter to do? Umm... Here's what I came up with in one day: I used the cord we use to make knotted rosaries. Link here. And I lined it with fabric to match my dress. I don't know how well you can really see it, the picture's not that great. It's really small, but matches great. I love being crafty! -RCS
  15. Alright, so I'm making this shawl with about 500 beads. Every row or so, I'm having to move the beads up the thread because they're in the way, and there are so many of them that they create a "traffic jam" when I try to move them. So I can only move about a third of them at a time, and all the thread gets into a tangled mess. I have tried, with modest success, looping the whole thing over the ceiling fan, which allows the string of beads to lay straight and the force of gravity can help out. This is more helpful, but I still get tangled. I just thought I'd put this out for comments or suggestions from all you talented and creative ladies out there. If you have any tips, tricks, or ideas, I'd be very grateful. Thank you! -Rebekah
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