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    I'm 25 years old, live in Denmark together with my boyfriend and our son Noah who is three
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    crochet, knitting, jewelry makeing, decoupage
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    Studying to become a social worker
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  1. thanks a lot for the link (:
  2. I would like to make some bookmarks, since im from denmark and doesn't have english as my first language the patterns must be quite easy (: Also it would be so great if u could write what type the pattern are cuz it seems like americans and brits use different names for the stitches (:
  3. what is knit two purl two?? I'm from denmark so i'm not familiar with all the english expressions (:
  4. I also make afghans and socks (:
  5. I enjoy makeing them and its a great way to use my scrap yarn! I can make 3 hats of one ball (50g) of cotton. So I can use quite small leftovers that I wouldn't have been able to use for anything else (:
  6. it is a pattern a danish hospital has on their website, its real easy (: If u wan't I can maybe translate it for u (: I also have the pattern for norml size babies
  7. here are some of my knitted baby hats (: I've knitted them for babys in a hospital ward with premature babys
  8. Thank u so much! I really enjoyed makeing it!
  9. Thank you so much for the pattern it's beautyfull!
  10. Kirsti

    Amigurumi puppi

    cool (: then u must show a picture when your done (:
  11. wow they are great (: I never thought about crochetting bookmarks (: Were do u get your patterns I would love to make some (:
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