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    I have been crochetting for about 12 years
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    Crochet of course! Knitting , cross stitch and cake decorating
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    Office manager of a dental office
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    Afghans especially vintage patterns like Bernat Toltec birds
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  1. I just bought all of the yarn for this afghan. I bought the same colors the pattern in the book calls for. The red heart artichoke has been discontinued I think. I had to really search for it online. When it arrived it was 3.5 ounce skeins. I thought they would be the full size ones. Do you think this will be enough of that color or should I buy more before it is impossible to find? I have two 3.5 ounce skeins. Thanks!!
  2. Thank you everyone! I have had two friends ask for one. Guess Im going to get really familiar with this pattern!
  3. Here's another owl hat. I like this one much better than my first one.
  4. Here's my first owl hat. I think its pretty cute The pattern can be purchased from Annies attic
  5. It's absolutely beautiful! I love the colors. Can I ask where you got the pattern?
  6. Beautiful! That is my favorite yarn too!!
  7. Thank you for all of the kind comments!! It was alot of work! Now I am starting on another graph ghan and going to give the single crochet technique a whirl.... we will see how that goes! Anyone know of a video tutorial for the single crochet graph ghan?
  8. I made this baby blanket for a friend's baby. They are Redwings fans and the name on it is their last name. I ended up having to cross stitch the design on. I couldn't figure out how to do it in single crochet.
  9. I can't wait to try the patterns I purchased from you! I would love to get the Maiden pattern that is on your website, the one you won the awards for. It is awesome!
  10. I see people adding fleece to the back of their afghans. My question is how do you attach the fleece to the blankets? Thanks for any help!!!!
  11. I need help with the chain 3 rope border. I have the pattern and I have done all the single crochet chain 3's in the main color but now I am on round 2 with the other color. I don't understand the directions for this round, are there pictures or a tutorial somewhere? Thank you!!!!
  12. They do say nickle plated steel what do you think?
  13. I have a package of pins with the little colored heads that you would use for hemming pants. Are those generally rust proof? I need to block a fillet project I just finished and I am too lazy to run to the store for pins. Thanks!
  14. I only crochet afghans with yarn which I never would need to block, however I am almost finished with my first ever filet project, our family name. It is all scrunched up and you really cant read it so I know it needs to be blocked, how do you suggest I do this? Thank you for any help!
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