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    Mom of 3, avid reader (especially mysteries), crochet in almost all my spare time ;)
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    Near Rochester, NY
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    Crochet, reading, playing with kids, kids books
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    Small town public library manager
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    I like to make everything--really!
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    Started in 2002, while on maternity leave.
  1. I got my bookmarks (all beautifully made by Rebecca V.) today. Thank you both for all of your work with this swap--it was a big one! I love your work, rebecca, and since I know you're getting all the ones I made, I hope you like them too. Sorry they are repetitive--=)
  2. Holly, I still haven't gotten anything--just wanted to check and see that nothing got lost in the mail... Thanks, Michelle
  3. Thanks Holly and Cheryl--I can't keep up with all the posts anymore, since i changed jobs and am not chained to my computer for 8 hrs everyday! I am glad the bookmarks finally got to you--I can't imagine what took so long >:[ Whatever kind of swapping you want/need to do for us is fine with me! Thanks again for all your work!
  4. I did it!! I have them in their envelope, ready to go to the post office tomorrow. I can't believe I made it! I can't wait til I'm acclimated to my job, so I feel "normal" again.....
  5. Yikes! I'm almost done, I swear. I will get them in the mail, but it may be actually ON the 20th. I've been soo busy. I got a new job, and am, um, overwhelmed.....
  6. Welcome! I live in Avon, and work in Rochester (downtown). I'm also self taught. I recommend stitchguide.com too!
  7. I received an AWESOME, PACKED envelope from Kelly V.--thank you soooooo much for everything you sent--you made some gorgeous stuff! I can't even pick a favorite, but I can tell you I really love the cherry hotpads, and the towels.. I love it all! I will update with a photo when my batteries are done charging, lol! Rebecca, woolandflax, your things were sent out Friday, so you should be gettin' them soon. I hope you like them!
  8. hilarious. The hooded lids are what I love about them...
  9. I have used them for years (because they were given to me), but they don't work well. Save your money. Use ziploc bags and squeeze the air out, like was mentioned.
  10. No problem! I still haven't mailed out my package yet.... thanks for the update, lol!
  11. Welcome! I live near Rochester, NY, but my father's family is originally from Parrsboro, NS--I remember vistiting there as a kid, and digging clams, and watching the tide on the Bay of Fundi... I would love to go again! Are you near those places?
  12. Thanks kellyv! I am excited to receive your package soon! Rebecca (Woolnflax) I am just over 1/2 done with your stuff, too. You'll probably have to wait til the end of the month till I can ship out though, lol!
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