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  1. I never know what to say when I write these sorts of things. I don't really feel like a stranger here since I've been reading the Crochetville forums for months already. I actually joined a few months ago but never got around to posting anything since it was the holiday season and there were always a million other things to do. I'm Da, a 31 year old married woman living in one of the suburbs around Detroit. I'm not from here, originally from Kansas, and can't say that I necessarily like the hustle and bustle that is a way of life when you live in a large metro area like this. I'd love to convince the hubby that he needs to move away from here but since this is where he's been all of his life, he's rather reluctant to move somewhere else. (stubborn man!) I've known how to crochet since I was young. I was raised by several rather crafty women who made it a point to teach me how to do a wide variety of different fiber or fabric related crafts. I also enjoy building and decorating one inch scale dollhouses, playing lazer tag, and roleplaying. That makes me a really big geek. That's ok since I'm married to an even bigger geek. I only started making crochet clothing in the last year. I'd always thought that it would be a lot harder than it actually is. Now that I know that it's not really quite as much of a headache as I thought it would be, I'm a stitching fool who's made several sexy little tops for myself and a few friends. I'm happy that crochet has become a little more popular recently since that means that there are more patterns out there that are more up to date than something my mom wore in the 70's. Ok. I've babbled enough. Obligitory introduction complete. It's time to get back to my crochet. ~da
  2. I've been watching this thread ever since it started. I started on my version of the hoodie back in November but had to put it away for the month of December while I finished up a few Christmas gifts. Once January came along, I was able to pick it back up and have been working on it steadily ever since. I'm making the hood pieces right now. One's finished and I'm within three rows of having the second one done. My problem is that I just don't see how they're supposed to work with the rest of the hoodie. 79 stitches long and 5 inches wide. Isn't that going to make a monster sized hood? I'm assuming that it works since there are a couple of finished sweaters shown here and nobody's said anything about the hood being wrong in the pattern. Ugh. It just seems weird. I'll lock away that monster who's whispering in the back of my head and keep going forward. I did alter the pattern since I'm working the hoodie in two colors. I'd have made it all one color but I decided to stash bust some Simply Soft that I'd bought for another project that I know I'll never get around to. I was about a skein short of being able to do it all one color. Bummer. The math of figuring out where to put the pink stripes wasn't so bad, though. Well, not really. (I can say that now that I'm done figuring it out!) The two front panels were supposed to be worked up and down but trying to do the math to make the color changes in it made my head hurt so I worked them side to side instead. I think I only made them a couple of stitches too wide which I'll take care of when I connect them to the back piece. I need to decide if I'm going to make the sleeves all one color or add a stripe in. I have enough yarn to do it either way so the lazy me might just go with having only one color. (less math that way!) Done in Simply Soft Raspberry and Plum Wine (The picture may or may not work.) ~da
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